Coach Bell Donated 10 Million Won

The Korea Football Association announced on the 10th that Colin Bell, head coach of the women’s national soccer team, and Shin Man-gil, secretary-general of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), participated in a funding program to build the “Korea Football Center.”

Bell donated 10 million won to build the “Korea Football Center.” Leading the women’s national team since October 2019, he is also an advisor for the women’s team by age.

“I wanted to return the great love I received from Korea,” Bell said. “I think it’s not a donation, but rather an investment to help men and women, adult players, and leaders draw a better future in the best environment.”

AFC Deputy Secretary General Shin Man-gil also donated 10 million won (approx. Shin worked as an employee of the Korea Football Association and has been dispatched to the AFC since June 2007. After serving as the director of the game bureau, Shin is currently in charge of all competitions hosted by the Asian Football Confederation.

“I have always felt grateful and responsible for Korean soccer, which has been a strong background while working in the international soccer community,” he said, adding, “I hope that the world’s best soccer center will be built beyond Asia.”

Since December last year, the association has been conducting a fundraising program titled “Drawing Tomorrow Together” for soccer players and soccer fans to build a comprehensive soccer center. The names of individuals worth more than 1 million won (approximately 1 million U.S. dollars) and donors worth more than 5 million won (approximately 5 million won) for a group or corporation will be inscribed in the square. The names of Bell and Shin will also be inscribed in the square.

Meanwhile, the association aims to complete the soccer center, which is being built in Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, in the first half of 2025. A total of 11 soccer fields, including stadiums, lodging buildings, indoor soccer fields, soccer museums, gymnasiums, and sports facilities will be built on a total of 478,000㎡ of land. 안전놀이터

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