Women’s Basketball: Woori Bank and Japanese Toyota clash in Park Shin-ja Cup finals

Woori Bank Overcomes Japan’s Eneos in the Quarterfinals…KB Kookmin Bank loses to Toyota
a three-day final clash

Women’s basketball Asan Woori Bank reached the final of the 2023 Park Shin-ja Cup, which has grown into an international competition. The opponent to compete for the championship is Toyota Antelopes, a strong team in Japan’s W-League.

Woori Bank, the winner of women’s professional basketball in the 2022-2023 season, beat Eneos Sunflower (Japan) 74-71 in the semifinals of the tournament held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 2nd.

Eneos is a strong team that has won the W-League for 11 consecutive years.

Woori Bank, which advanced to the semifinals with the first place in Group A (3 wins and 1 loss), succeeded in advancing to the final by beating Eneos, the second place in Group B (3 wins and 1 loss), after a neck-and-neck race.

Woori Bank led the team’s victory with Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun scoring 18 points side by side.

In addition, Choi Yi-sam helped with a double-double performance that caught 10 rebounds with 17 points. Na Yoon-jung also did her part with 13 points.

Woori Bank fell 39-41 in the rebound fight, but beat Eneos, who had only seven three-point shots.

Eneos struggled with Tokashiki Ramu with 20 points.

Woori Bank, which finished the first half with a 37-30 lead, allowed Eneos to chase while slowing down with a turnover in the third quarter.

Woori Bank, which entered the final fourth quarter by two points with 56-54, continued its seesaw game with Eneos.

Woori Bank took a four-point lead with consecutive goals by Choi Yi-sam and Kim Dan-bi in a tight 69-69.

Eneos also did not give up and sought to score, but Woori Bank held out well with its defense.

Woori Bank gave Eneos an opportunity to attack with a turnover at the end of the fourth quarter, but ended the game with a victory as the opponent’s three-point shot turned away from the rim.

In the semifinals that followed, Toyota beat Cheongju KB Kookmin Bank 70-68 to reach the final thanks to Mai Yamamoto’s dramatic three-point shot with 12.4 seconds left before the end of the game.

KB Kookmin Bank reached the semifinals with all four group matches in Group B, but failed to overcome Toyota’s rapid lead in the match.

Toyota, which followed Woori Bank in second place in Group A, had a chance to avenge itself by having a rematch in the final. In the group stage, they lost to Woori Bank 90-93 after the second extension.

The final between Woori Bank and Toyota will be held at the same venue on the 3rd.

KB Kookmin Bank’s Park Ji-soo played well with 29 points and 11 rebounds, but missed an easy under-the-goal shot in the last attack opportunity in the fourth quarter and lost an opportunity to extend the game. Kang Yi-seul applied for 15 points.

In Toyota, Yamamoto (15 points), Miyashita Kiho (19 points), and Umezawa Kadisha Juna (15 points) were active.

KB Kookmin Bank destroyed itself by committing 17 turnovers under strong pressure from Toyota. There were only seven Toyota cars.

KB Kookmin Bank started the fourth quarter with a 51-45 lead, but was chased 51-49 with two consecutive turnovers, followed by a seesaw game. 토토사이트

With 37.5 seconds left before the end of the fourth quarter, when the team was trailing 66-67, guard Huh Ye-eun succeeded in turning the game around 68-67, but failed to stop Toyota’s counterattack.

Toyota’s three-point shot, which Yamamoto threw in the attack time limit with 12.4 seconds left, passed through the rim. KB Kookmin Bank took the last chance to tie, but Park Ji-soo’s under-the-goal shot turned away from the rim and lowered his head.

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