Five Jackpots in 3 Days in Age of God Slot slot

Yes, you read it right – The Age of the Gods Slot cashed five jackpots in three days, and we were surprised!

This isn’t a feat for all the progressive jackpot slots, but we dare not tell Megamulla either. But in the past three days, a handful of lucky players have taken home a lot of money in an era of powerful gods and amazing gods that allow them to make fantastic trips through their mysterious ancient world.

AskGamblers is always watching the latest trends and where players are earning the most. What we’ve been seeing lately is that Playtech and its Age of the Synth Super Power Jackpot are definitely gaining some traction!

The Age of the Gods franchise is paving the way, especially for this much money and often this highly favored progressive jackpot.
Most players have already heard of Age of the Gods because there are various games with names. Each of them is inspired by other myths and legends and is filled with special awards that can be won.

Age of the Synth Super Power
The prize won back-to-back with over 40,000 euros in the game’s progressive jackpot version of Age of the Synth Superpower! The fact that Age of the Synth can often give players big cash prizes that show high returns is promising.

And the funny thing is, the last five jackpots won on the same day. No wonder this is one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots of all time. Take a look at the product:

  1. €43,105
  2. €37,003
  3. €21,970
  4. €14,195
  5. €6,001

The Age of the Gods Slot Series
Age of the Synth is one of the best slots for players looking for good quality and big potential awards. It is powered by PlayTech and can be found in most casinos.

Not only does the game have high-end graphics, but it also takes a big hit when it comes to progressive jackpot mechanisms.

Another interesting factor that makes this such a popular title is a variety of stories and themes – from Norse mythology to deep exploration of Greek mythology and gods. You’ve certainly heard of Medusa & Monsters, Mighty Midas, and even the Sisters of Destiny who weave the fate of all humans at birth. 슬롯

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