243.4 billion won, underage sex scandals are on the verge of leaving ML, TB gold major accident

Tampa Bay Rays infielder Wander Franco (22) eventually had a major accident. This time, it is not a problem to be solved at the club level. The issue is growing further, with the law enforcement authorities of the Dominican Republic in their home country, including the Major League Secretariat.

Franco was on the limited roster on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) and has not been able to play in the game. This list, which is different from the injured list (IL), is mainly a disposition given to players who have caused problems.

Franco has recently been dogged by revelations that he has had inappropriate sex with a minor. Since then, he has been suspended and will be investigated by various institutions. And a little later, on the 18th, it was said that Franco may no longer be able to play in the Major League.

Reporter Hector Gomez, a leading Major League Baseball source, borrowed the words of a case official on his personal SNS on the 18th and announced Franco’s condition and the current investigation process, saying, “It is very unlikely that Franco will play in the Major League again.”

Franco showed off his talent enough to grow into a shortstop representing the Major League as well as the team within three years of his debut. After making his big league debut in the 2021 season, he stood out by showing off his explosive impact. Despite his defensive position as a shortstop, he has been reborn as the team’s future by showing his one-shot long hit and sophisticated contact skills.

Tampa Bay also praised Franco’s talent and expressed expectations by giving him a large contract worth $182 million (about 243.4 billion won) for 11 years as soon as his first season was over.

Franco has been active as a promising player since then, but recently, he has a strong image of “gold.” In June, he frowned on his teammate for his work-esque problems and acts that undermined the team atmosphere, such as not doing his best to play base and not agreeing with the strike decision and expressing strong dissatisfaction in the dugout.

At the time, Tampa Bay coach Kevin Cash gave Franco a chance to look back on himself and improve by suspending him for two games, but Franco had a major accident before the end of the season, disappointing the club and his teammates once again.

Currently, Franco strongly denies sexual harassment of minors. However, he may face heavy penalties due to the Major League Baseball atmosphere, which strictly punishes women and domestic violence. Like Trevor Bauer (33, Yokohama BayStars), who moved to the Japanese Professional Baseball (NPB) due to allegations of sexual violence, there is a growing possibility that he will be shunned by major league clubs. 토토사이트

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