Baseball is a story sport. It’s a series of stories that happen day in and day out for months on end, building up to an epic. The main characters in baseball are the players, but sometimes it’s the managers, administrators, and coaches. Sometimes it’s the fans. Giuseppe Mancuso, an avid Los Angeles Dodgers fan, made a big splash in Major League Baseball (MLB) on Saturday. Mancuso was at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, when the Dodgers took on the Oakland Athletics on March 3.Sitting behind the backstop, Mancuso had a chance to chat with star player Mookie Betts, 30, as he prepared to bat during the Dodgers’ second inning offense. Betts, who is known for his fan service and jovial personality, often interacts with fans .Mancuso laughed and said to Betts, “If you hit a home run in this at-bat, I’m going to name my daughter’s middle name Mookie.” Betts replied, “Don’t do that .Betts replied, “Don’t do that. My wife wouldn’t like that. “After the conversation, Betts stepped up to the plate and lined a home run to left-center field. After crossing home plate, he exchanged fist bumps with Mancuso .Two weeks later. Betts received some surprising news from his cousin, who manages his social media accounts. Mr. Mancuso had actually named his daughter Francesca “Mookie” Mancuso .Betts was stunned by the news. “After hitting the home run, I had completely forgotten that I had made this promise,” he said on social media. “I haven’t been in touch with Ms. Mancuso yet, 카지노사이트 but I can’t wait to meet Francesca, she’s going to be like a daughter to me,” he laughed.

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