K-League 1 Suwon and Gangwon’s ‘death struggle’ The competition for 6th place is also ‘going to the point’

‘6th~9th place’ Daegu-Daejeon-Incheon-Jeju ‘Run for 6th place!’

With professional football Hana One Q K League 1 2023 heading for the second half of the year around the halfway point, the tearful “de-last-place struggle” between Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC continues.

Gangwon (17 points) holds the lowest spot in the K League 1 ranking table this season, which was held until the 25th round, while Suwon Samsung (18 points), which beat Gangwon on the 22nd of last month and succeeded in escaping the last place in three months, is in 11th place.

The bottom of the K League 1 will be demoted to K League 2 (second division) immediately next season. The 10th and 11th places get a chance to stay in the first division through the promotion playoffs with the K League 2 team, but the “last place” falls relentlessly to the second division.

In the 25th round, Suwon and Gangwon faced Suwon FC and Jeju United, respectively, for the “least place.”

In conclusion, Suwon and Gangwon remained in 11th and 12th places, with neither team winning.

Suwon lost 0-2 in the “Suwon Derby,” and Gangwon sought to win against Jeju when Park Sang-hyuk scored the first goal in the 37th minute of the second half, but gave up a penalty kick equalizer in extra time in the second half and tied 1-1.

Suwon’s two-game winning streak was dampened by its defeat against Suwon FC, and Gangwon continued its worst slump in more than three months for 15 games (7 draws and 8 losses).

Sadly, both teams have strengthened the replacement of the head coach during the season, but the situation is not improving. 스포츠토토

As there is only one point difference between 11th-ranked Suwon and 12th-ranked Gangwon, another “de-last-place struggle” will continue in the 26th round this weekend. Both teams are the worst matches against the leading “Hyundai Family.”

Suwon will face third-place Jeonbuk Hyundai (40 points) at Jeonju World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 12th, while Gangwon will play its home game against Ulsan Hyundai (57 points), the “absolute first-place” at 7:30 p.m. on the same day.

It is difficult to predict victory in both Suwon and Gangwon in terms of objective power.

Suwon met Jeonbuk twice this year and recorded one draw and one loss (one goal and four runs), while Gangwon is struggling with two losses (two scoreless runs) against Ulsan.

Meanwhile, mid-tier teams are also competing for sixth place, the Maginot Line of Final A (1st to 6th), which is competing for the championship after the 33rd round.

Currently, Daegu FC (34 points) occupies the sixth place. However, the gap between Daejeon Hana Citizen in 7th place, Incheon United in 8th place (33 points), and Jeju United in 9th place (31 points) is not large, so the ranking can fluctuate again depending on the results of the 26th round.

Daegu will face Incheon at 7:30 p.m. on the 13th, while Daejeon will face fourth-place Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 13th.

Daegu was tight with Incheon with two draws this season, and Daejeon was ahead of Seoul with one win and one draw.

If both Daejeon and Incheon, which have 33 points side by side, win the 26th round, Daejeon, which is far ahead of Incheon in multiple points, can rise to sixth place.

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