‘An irresistible official letter has arrived’ The whole story of the unprecedented ‘game postponement an hour and a half before kickoff’

After playing soccer for a long time, I go through all sorts of things. “My my”

Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong, who met at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 9th, smiled. The rain was falling little by little, and the wind was not strong. The scene responded by saying, “The grass is wet and the weather is cool, so it is optimal to play.” However, ridiculously, the semifinals of the 2023 Hana One-Q FA Cup against Jeju were postponed due to one official letter. Head coach Kim kicked his tongue at the “unprecedented situation” in which the game was postponed just before the game. It may be more appropriate to say that he was suppressing his anger.

The game was set to be held normally until 4 p.m., three hours before the kickoff at 7:30 p.m. To borrow Jeju coach Nam Ki-il’s expression, he was notified of the cancellation at around 6:10 p.m. to 20 p.m., “I was having a team meeting because I thought the game was going to be held.” In fact, players and coaches from both teams came to the stadium about an hour before the game and examined the stadium, including grass conditions. The reporters were also preparing to cover the game as usual.

“It’s been postponed.” It was around 6:20 p.m. when an official from the Jeju PR team notified reporters of the postponement of the game. At around 6:40 p.m., a phrase announcing the postponement of the game appeared on the electronic display board. The team and fans were amazed. This is because the typhoon weather was not enough to damage the facilities. A soccer official at the scene said, “One soccer day or two. The game used to be held in a worse environment. “Shouldn’t we just start the game once and stop it when the rain and wind are strong or if there are concerns about safety?” More than 100 Pohang fans booed at the same time. Some fans reportedly stayed at the stadium until late at night and continued to protest against the Jeju club.

As a result of the coverage, it was an official letter, not a Jeju club, that changed the “normal hosting” of the game to “postponement of the game.” At around 6 p.m., an official letter from Jeju Special Self-Governing Province was delivered to the Korea Football Association and both clubs. In the official letter obtained, “The 6th typhoon Kanun is currently moving northward, and typhoon warnings are in effect throughout Jeju Island.” The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters is implementing all-out administration to prevent disaster safety accidents at the pan-government level, such as issuing it in the top three emergency stages. If the game is pushed ahead, there is a concern about safety accidents for players and spectators, and there is a concern that it will encourage the public’s insensitivity to safety, so we request the cancellation and postponement of the game. Please take active measures,’ it said. It is rumored that Jeju Island was particularly concerned about the safety of Jeju citizens moving to Seogwipo.

An away fan from Pohang visited the stadium.

After re-discussion, the game supervisor and the competition headquarters, who received the official letter, concluded differently that the game was postponed. Upon hearing the decision of the Korea Football Association, Pohang strongly protested. Pohang had entered the country on the 7th, two days before the game, to prepare for the game smoothly. Due to the influence of the typhoon, it was not possible to guarantee the departure on the 10th, the day after the game. If the game is canceled as it is, it will be abandoned for four days without doing anything. However, the association only explained that the postponement of the game was inevitable, emphasizing that it was a “pan-government-level decision.” The expression ‘safety insensitivity’ only added absurdity. If the people didn’t want to deal with risks and damage complacently due to accidents or disasters, why didn’t the professional baseball game held on the same day be canceled in terms of “pan-government”.

As Typhoon “Kanun” penetrates Seogwipo, Jeju Island, which is responsible for the safety of Jeju residents, can request a postponement of the game as much as possible. It is up to the Football Association to accept and not accept this. The association that organizes the FA Cup could decide to postpone the game as many times as possible a day ago, or at least three hours before, like in the K League. However, there was no word until an hour and a half before the kickoff because it was judged that it was not too much to hold even if it was held at the top. However, he postponed the game as if he had received an irresistible “order.”

The association also postponed the FA Cup semifinals between Jeonbuk and Incheon, which were scheduled to be held on the same day. When the organizing committee decided to hold a K-pop concert at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 11th following the collapse of Saemangeum Jamboree, it immediately postponed the game, drawing criticism. Due to the typhoon, the venue for the K-pop concert was changed to Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was able to be held normally, but it maintained its existing decision. “It’s a pity,” he said. 스포츠중계

As a result, the FA Cup semifinals, which boast the largest in Korea, were canceled at the same time. In the end, it is the clubs whose schedules have been twisted and the fans who have lost their right to watch the game that are suffering from the postponement of the game. Who will compensate for their time and expenses. If the association only looks at the government and local governments, the authority of the competition will inevitably fall.


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