‘First 2 consecutive losses’ Ulsan vs ‘No head coach’ Daejeon… Who escapes the crisis first?

Ulsan, first 2 consecutive losses of the season. Daejeon, whose coach Lee Min-seong resigned, has been winless in four games. Pohang-Seoul, second ‘Kim Ki-dong derby’ of the season on the 25th

Ulsan HD Yoon Il-rok sits on the ground

‘Give wings to your failing grades!’

The sad common denominator between third-place Ulsan HD, which is aiming to win the professional soccer K-League 1 title for the third consecutive year, and Daejeon Hana Citizen, who are in the absence of a head coach, is that there has been no recent victory.

‘Defending champion’ Ulsan drew 2-2 with Gimcheon Sangmu on the 12th, lost 1-2 to Gwangju FC three days later, and bowed 0-1 to Gangwon FC on the 19th, losing their first two games in a row and losing three games in a row ( 1 draw, 2 losses).

Ulsan, which fell from first place on March 17, fell to third place for a while, but rose to second place on the 1st and was aiming to regain the lead. However, due to ‘lack of motivation’, they lost even second place to Gimcheon and fell back to third place.

The reason for Ulsan’s sluggish performance, as they are having a hard time escaping from a crisis, is their defensive instability.

Veteran defender Kim Young-kwon was psychologically shaken, and right-back Seol Young-woo was out of the line after undergoing shoulder surgery, causing cracks in Ulsan’s ‘iron defense’, and as a result, they were unable to secure a win for the third game. 카지노사이트

In ‘last place’ Daejeon, the situation is more serious.

Daejeon, which lost 0-1 to Incheon United on the 18th, continued its sluggish streak of 4 consecutive games without a win (2 draws, 2 losses) and fell to last place.

Daejeon emerged from last place by defeating FC Seoul 3-1 on April 27, and seemed to be escaping the crisis by rising to 9th place after drawing 0-0 with Gimcheon on the 30th of last month.

However, they faced Gwangju (1-2 loss), Gangwon (3-3 draw), and Incheon (0-1 loss) one after another and were unable to secure a victory, ultimately falling to last place.

As the team continued to struggle this season with only 2 wins (5 draws, 6 losses, 13 points, 17 conceded), coach Lee Min-seong eventually returned the baton on the 21st.

For Daejeon, midfielder Lee Soon-min missed the entire month of April due to a ruptured ankle ligament, and even Latvian striker Gutek suffered an ankle injury and was unable to play since April.

Meanwhile, Ulsan and Daejeon will play their second match of the season in the 14th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024, which will be held at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 25th.

This match between the two teams is literally a ‘non-negotiable match.’

If Ulsan loses, they will suffer the fatal blow of three consecutive losses. In addition, depending on the results of 9th place Jeju United (14 points) and 4th place Suwon FC (21 points), who will face each other on the 26th, they will be allowed to catch up.

As they are only one point behind 1st place Pohang Steelers and 2nd place Gimcheon (25 points), Ulsan is determined to use Daejeon as a sacrifice to kill two birds with one stone: escape from the slump and regain the lead.

Daejeon, whose head coach Lee Min-seong left and head coach Jeong Gwang-seok took over as acting manager, is feeling burdened by facing difficult enemy Ulsan from the first game without a coach.

However, there are pleasant memories of Daejeon winning 2-0 against Ulsan in the 5th round on April 2, giving Ulsan their first loss of the season.

The players’ desire to win following the resignation of the head coach is also a variable that will greatly affect the outcome of the Ulsan game. 안전 슬롯사이트