Kim Min-duk, 100-game K-League ‘good duck’ Kim Gim-sang-mu

Gimcheon Sangmu’s Kim Min-duk shares his thoughts on reaching 100 career K League appearances.

Kim Min-duk of the Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Club (CEO Bae Nak-ho, head of the Armed Forces Sports Unit, Kim Dong-yeol) made his 100th professional appearance in the ‘Hana Bank K League 1 2024’ 11R. He said that he feels good about playing 100 games, but vowed to become a better player in the future.

“It feels good to think that I’ve played 100 games,” said Kim. On the other hand, I also question how much I have grown as a player, and I want to play 200 or 300 games in the future and become a player that fans can trust when I come out.”

“I’ve always been a hard-working player,” says Kim Min-duk, a humble self-assessment

Kim started playing soccer at a “late age,” in the second grade of middle school, after watching the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, but was met with opposition from his parents, who were athletes and knew it would be a difficult path. Kim eventually succeeded in convincing his parents, but it took him eight years to take the first step in pursuing his dream from the age of seven.

In the end, it paid off. He made his professional debut, which is said to be harder than going through the eye of a needle. He was given consistent playing time in the pros and was selected by Gimcheon Sangmu, one of the most prominent teams in the K League. There, he played as the main center back and built a golden tower of 100 appearances in the professional stage, where it is difficult for anyone but the most talented to survive. Recently, he led the team to an eight-game unbeaten streak.

Still, Kim is humble. “I don’t consider myself a good ball handler or a smart player. I always try to work hard and be tough,” he humbles himself. This is reflected in his style of play, where he works hard to stop opposing attackers and is not afraid to compete. It wasn’t his parents’ “athletic DNA” or his talent as a soccer player that made him the player he is today, but rather his hard work.

Developing as a player, playing abroad and representing his country, and what the future holds for Kim Min-duk
Kim Min-duk doesn’t just work hard on the field. He studies to constantly improve both on and off the field. He also studies to keep up with modern 카지노사이트 soccer. “I study to become a defender with good footing to match the flow of modern soccer, where buildup is important,” says Kim. I watch videos of various players, both domestic and foreign, and pay close attention to where they position themselves and how they play the game,” he says.

As he continues to pursue development, Kim also shared his thoughts on the future. “I have a goal to go overseas in the future. First of all, I would like to experience the J-League near me. There are many defenders with good footwork in the J-League. I want to learn how they play. There are also many good attackers who have played in Europe, and I want to play against them,” he said.

He also shared his dreams for the national team. Kim has yet to play for his country, including at the age group level. “If you’re a Korean soccer player, you probably have a dream of playing for the national team. I’m always dreaming of it, too, and I’m working hard to earn the flag,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Gim-sang-mu and Kim Min-duk are scheduled to play a home match against Jeju in the 13th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 on the 18th.