‘War of the Lobes’ Jamsil rivalry match!

The terrestrial network has also responded to the intense interest in the Jamsil rivalry.

On June 16, the KBO announced, “The game time for the LG Twins-Dusan Bears game on June 2 in Jamsil has been changed from 6 p.m. to 2 p.m.”

The Jamsil rivalry between LG and Dusan is always a point of interest for baseball fans. Especially since last year, it has become more of an issue as it is known as the “war of the two managers,” with LG manager Yoon Kyung-yup and Doosan manager Lee Seung-yup going head-to-head. 안전놀이터 The defending champions LG and Doosan, who were on a nine-game winning streak until recently, will meet.

Sunday games in the regular season will be played at 2 p.m. until May, but will shift to 5 p.m. in June as the summer season begins.

However, today’s game will be played at 2pm. As usual, terrestrial TV coverage came in. With attendance poised to surpass 8 million, it looks like terrestrial is responding to the baseball craze.


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