Pohang is unbeaten in 11 games, but behind the scenes is an analyst born in 2000

The hottest team in professional soccer’s K League 1 is the Pohang Steelers. The Steelers have taken the league by storm, leading the way with an 11-match unbeaten streak. Behind the Steelers’ 11-match unbeaten streak is a young analyst, Seo Hyun-kyu, who was born in 2000.

In an interview with The Seoul Shinmun on Saturday, Seo explained his role using a recent K League match as an example. In the 12th round, Pohang drew 1-1 with Jeju United. “When we played Jeju in the fourth round, we expected them to press hard up front, but they dropped back and caught us off guard. “This time, we expected Jeju to press hard, and we decided to counter them with a lot of buildup from the back. 토토사이트 순위 Fortunately, we weren’t too far off the mark.”

Seo’s week consists of analyzing the upcoming opponent’s game footage and reviewing past matches. He also participates in tactical meetings and provides input. The most dramatic example of Seo’s opponent analysis and response came in Round 11, when the team beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 1-0 with a late stoppage-time theater goal.

“Jeonbuk has wingers in high defensive positions. We suggested that we take advantage of that,” he explains. “We also emphasized that we should prepare for the space behind them when defending, as their fast strikers tend to be on the left side.” “Jeonbuk is strong in set pieces, so we also analyzed Jeonbuk’s set piece patterns in the past,” he added.

Seo first gained recognition in the football world when he worked as a video analyst for the KFA’s technical committee from 2021 to 2023. He moved to Pohang as an analyst when head coach Dun Park, then the technical committee chairman, took over at Pohang this season.

Although he thinks about soccer all the time, he doesn’t actually like to play the game himself. He became interested in soccer through the soccer game FIFA Online. “While playing the game, I watched soccer matches and fell in love with soccer. I started a soccer blog and eventually went to university as a soccer major.” His fascination with soccer was also far from physical. “There are thousands and tens of thousands of variables that occur in a soccer match, and you have to find a solution with a high probability among so many variables,” Heo said, adding, “The essence of soccer is a brain battle between tactics and tactics on the field.”

Although he has worked in Pohang, there is a place he considers the most attractive place to play soccer as a soccer fan. “I love Gwangju FC soccer,” he says, adding that “there are some of the latest tactical trends that I pay attention to in European soccer, and Gwangju shows them to me.”

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