KFA Football Love and Sharing Foundation hosts ‘Dream Run’ for children from underprivileged communities

The Korea Football Association (KFA) Football Love and Sharing Foundation invited underprivileged children to participate in the ‘Dream-Run’ program.

The event, held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium Auxiliary Stadium and KFA Football Fantasy Stadium on the 15th, 스포츠토토존 was held for about 150 children from five child welfare centers.

Kim Tae-young, a 2002 World Cup legend, and Hyun Young-min, director of the Football Love Sharing Foundation, as well as retired players such as Lee Dong-guk, Kwon Soon-hyung, Lee Jong-ho, Nam Joon-jae, and Yoon Young-gul, and stars such as YouTuber Gamst, attended and had a great time with the children.

The stars participated in soccer clinics, stadium tours, and the KFA Football Pantagium docent program with the children.

There were also various non-soccer events such as coloring the KFA‘s official mascot, Backhoe, sticker tattoos, and balloon art.

Lee Dong-guk delivered soccer equipment to Sangrok Nursery School, and Gamst FC donated money to the foundation to add meaning to the event.

“We are grateful for the interest of the football world in children, who are the weakest among the marginalized members of society, and for the human and material support they provide,” said Kim Hogon, chairman of the KFA Football Love Sharing Foundation.

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