The ‘genius hitter’ covered his weight loss issue with his performance

The genius hitter is about to turn into a pot belly.

LG Twins’ second-year high school catcher Kim Bum-seok came to the plate again and hit a timely two-run double.

Kim Bum-seok pinch-hit with runners on first and second in the bottom of the seventh inning of a 4-1 home win over the Lotte Giants in Jamsil on Saturday and hit a two-run double down the left field line that cleared third base. It was a two-run shot that made the score 6-1 and put the game out of reach. LG then added one more run on an RBI single by Kim Hyun-soo to win 7-2, sending Lotte to its seventh straight loss and returning to the top half of the standings with a 10-1 record.

After playing only as a designated hitter for the second team last year due to a sore shoulder, Kim was promoted to the first team in October and started at first base. With an eye toward the future, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup decided to use Kim as an unneeded third outfielder in the Korean Series roster to give him a chance to experience big games in the dugout. Kim even pinch-hit in Game 4 of the Korean Series.

This season has been an up-and-down one. Yoon plans to develop him as a backup catcher and first baseman in the first team. The first step is to lose weight. The coaching staff and senior players realized that Kim, who is prone to gaining weight, needed to lose weight in order to play a full season without injury. At the spring training camp in Arizona, Yeom had quality control coach Lee Ho-joon mark Kim exclusively so that he could lose weight.

However, Kim showed up to the camp unprepared and was sent home early due to an adductor muscle injury. Coach Yeom criticized Kim for his lack of preparation.

However, Kim Bum-seok continued to prepare in the second team after returning home, and within two months, he was back in the first team.

He’s not quite ready to play first base yet, so he’ll continue to play as a pinch-hitter, substitute catcher, and first baseman while he trains as a catcher.

However, his natural hitting talent shone through in the first team. In his first at-bat of the season in the top of the eighth inning against Doosan in Jamsil on April 14, Kim Bum-seok took a 148-kilometer fastball from Doosan’s Choi Ji-kang and hit it cleanly to left field.

He came in as a pinch-hitter with runners on first and second and quickly hit a double that went between third and third base. Kim’s double was very 토토사이트 meaningful for LG, as the team had recently struggled to score extra runs after taking the lead.

“I think it helped that I had batting practice before the game to prepare for one at-bat, and I had batting practice again after the game,” Kim said after the game, adding that he was confident in his batting. After hitting a double, Kim worked hard on his ceremony at second base, saying, “I felt like I played a role in the game because it went from 4-1 to 6-1. I was preparing well, and it was good to see a good result.”

When he was pinch-hitting and the opposing pitcher changed from Lim Jun-sub to Choi Yi-jun, he spoke with Kim Hyun-soo in the pinch-hitting spot. “He said, ‘Don’t be nervous at all, just have fun, and come back with no regrets,'” Kim said.

When asked about his weight, Kim politely declined to comment, saying, “No comment.” When asked how he felt when he returned home from the Arizona camp, he said, “I was upset because it was an unexpected injury. The seniors and coaches said a lot of good things. They told me to prepare well because it will come back one day, so I did it again with my mind set on it.”

Coach Yeom’s plans for Kim Bum-seok were already known through the media. “I think I just need to prepare well,” Kim said, adding, “I will not be complacent and will do my best to do my job.”

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