Dele Alli joined Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football panel in the UK

I’m doing really well.

Delhi Ali told Sky Sports of England’s Monday Night Football Panel how he has been and how he has been since suffering from recent mental distress.

Ali, who was once loved by Tottenham for Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, Dyer and DESK lines, was evaluated as a falling talent due to his poor performance, including his insincere attitude. He left Tottenham for Everton in 2022 but failed to make a comeback, and spent a wandering time by renting to Besiktas Turkiye last season.

Ali recently confessed in an interview with Gary Neville that he had a mental illness. Messages of support continued for him as he confessed that he had suffered from poor performance due to excessive dependence on sleeping pills and that his mental health deteriorated due to the trauma of sexual assault during his childhood.

Ali, who returned to Everton after undergoing mental treatment, is under contract until June 2025. Ali, who is currently in rehabilitation due to a muscle injury, said, I’m doing well. It’s been almost a year. I feel good, but I’m disappointed to have an injury. It was difficult, but it’s a journey I’ve made so far, and I’m enjoying it. The support and support I received was really great. Many people helped me. It was amazing, and I’m proud. 메이저사이트

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