Manchester United legend’s praise “Mainu reminds me of Modric”

Mainu reminds me of Modric

It was highly praised by “legend” Nemanja Vidic. Kobe Mainu is Manchester United’s biggest harvest this season. Manchester United has continued its slump this season. After seemingly laying the groundwork for revival by winning the League Cup and advancing to the European Champions League last season, Manchester United has fallen short of expectations again this season. The European Champions League and League Cup were eliminated early on, and it is not easy to advance to the European Champions League, as they have shown disappointment in the league.

A ray of light reflected in the dark is Mainu. Having played his first starting match in the league in November last year, Mainu quickly became the core player of the team. He left a strong impact on his bold play that did not reflect his young age. Even England coach Gareth Southgate took action. He made his debut in an A-match against Brazil last month. Mainu, who played for different ages, was also well received by the English national team. He showed good performance in the second half as a substitute, recording a 100 percent pass success rate. Football London said that the promising player made his debut in the A-match and displayed good performance, including performance, ball touch, and pass for a short period of time. BBC Sport also used the positive expression, saying that Mainu showed confidence in his debut match as a substitute.

Vidic also praised Mainu. Vidic said, “Mainu is doing really well. He has an excellent spatial perception in particular. When I see him, he reminds me of Modric. He always checks who is behind him, and immediately takes the next move after the first touch. He is a very difficult player for a defender.” Luka Modric, who plays for Real Madrid, is one of the greatest midfielders ever to win the Ballon d’Or. Attention is focusing on who will be able to continue his performance like Modric as Vidic praised him. 토토사이트

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