KIA 35-year-old male catcher doesn’t push?

Are you the aggressive master of the room now.

Kim Tae-gun 35, the “manly catcher” of the Kia Tigers, benefited significantly from the game by pushing back in the 2023 season. His batting average of 0.257 with one homer, 42 RBIs with 24 OPS and 0.610 runs in 114 games was not remarkable. However, he contributed significantly to his team’s offense by properly pushing back at the critical juncture.

According to Staties, a baseball statistics site, the batting average of the top left and right edge areas was 0.450 and 0.414 as of the 2023 season when the strike zone was divided into ninth place, respectively. It should be seen that right-handed batter Kim Tae-gun pushed most of the time to create hits.

This season, however, the top left section has never been hit in full swing. He has attempted to hit in the lower left section, but his batting average is still zero. Instead, he has a batting average of 0.600 in the middle of the strike zone divided into nine equal parts, and the bottom right is also 0.333. It is estimated that he pulled back well. In those two areas, four-seam is natural, and he is good at responding to modified fastballs such as two-seam and cutter.

It is still early in the season. Kim’s performance this season was eight hits in 24 at-bats for eight games, batting 0.333 with two homers and six RBIs with an OPS of 0.985. It is hard to say that he is representative, but he clearly has a good start. He also has a higher portion of pulling than pushing, and the result is good.

Most hitters pull more than push. Kim only excelled in pushing last year. What’s important is to gain experience that Kim produced good results both when pushed and pulled. In fact, Kim was close to a defensive catcher with a batting average of 0.249. He has 27 home runs in his 17th year since his debut.

However, Kim hit consecutive homeruns in a game against the Samsung Lions in Gwangju on Wednesday. In the fourth inning, he pulled a slider that came into the middle of left-handed Lee Seung-min and hit a two-run shot to the left wall. In the sixth inning, right-handed Lim Chang-min’s slider also came into the middle and connected with a solo shot to the left wall. Both were the pitchers’ mistake. However, it is a batter’s ability to make long hit without missing a mistake.

Kim Tae-gun may not have had a pleasant game on Wednesday. This is because his team lost to Samsung. The bullpen, which had been doing well since the season’s opening, was twisted and collapsed after allowing three runs in the ninth inning alone. However, pitchers cannot perform well every day. The most important thing in a catcher’s game management is that pitchers’ ability is supported. This is why, in modern baseball theory, some say that a catcher’s offensive power is as important as his defense power. Just looking at the FA market, catchers who support their offensive power have been receiving large sums of money in the end.

In this regard, Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su, the two pillars of KIA’s home turf, are moving in a desirable direction. Kim has been getting better since before and after the transfer, and Han Jun-su is clearly attractive as a left-handed batter with one shot. Manager Lee Bum-ho said, “The ratio of the two players to the team is almost the same this season.

Defensive. If Kim Tae-gun, who has clear leadership, gives more productivity with the hit he pulls, the powerful KIA lineup will lose its batting order to really rest. 안전 토토사이트

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