Jeju’s Seo Jin-su won’t play in 100 K-League games

Seo Jin-soo, one of the talents produced by Jeju United Youth, has set up a golden tower to play in 100 K-League matches. His strong presence has given big dreams to his juniors on the youth team.

Seo Jin-soo started in the sixth round of the K-League 1 2024 away match against Incheon United at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, and has become the first player to play in 100 K-League matches. Since his debut in the K-League in 2019, Seo has played 76 games 10 goals and six assists in the K-League 1 and 24 games two goals and three assists in the K-League 2. He is now in his fifth year as a professional. His sweat is truly remarkable.

Seo Jin-soo, a former member of the Jeju U-18 youth team, won the top scorer 9 goals at the 42nd National High School Football Championship held in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province in March 2018, leading the Jeju U-18 team to win the championship. He was so talented that he was a midfielder until he was a student at Ulsan Hakseong Middle School that he had high expectations even before entering the professional league.

Even on the professional stage, Seo continued to improve. On July 10, 2019, his first year as a professional player, he scored a assist hat trick against Seoul. In the history of the K-League, Seo Jin-soo is the only teenage player to achieve a assist hat trick. Since the 2022 season, when he returned from military service in Sangmu, Gimcheon, he has grown as one of the pillars of Jeju’s offense.

Notably, as a former member of the Jeju Youth Team, he holds the record for the most appearances a total of 64 matches that he played in Jeju. It is fair to say that this is the best result that Jeju, which launched its youth team in 2010, has achieved. Currently, players from Jeju Youth Team, including Jeong Tae-wook Jeonbuk Hyundai and Lee Dong-ryul Seoul E-Land, are active in the K-League, but Seo Jin-soo has continued to display his full potential with orange color.

It is also becoming a great model for the youth team’s juniors. Yoon Dae-sung, the Jeju U-18 youth team coach who watched Seo’s growth last season while serving as Jeju’s tactical coach and is now leading the Jeju U-18 youth team to discover new talent, said, “Seo’s performance is truly an inspiration to the youth team’s juniors. I hope he will continue to serve as a role model for them.”

Seo also had a unique sense of responsibility. After the match, Seo said, “I always play with a sense of responsibility that I was a native of Jeju Youth. I want to leave orange footprints everywhere on the ground. So I hope it will be a good milestone for the younger juniors who will follow me. I will not be satisfied with this. I will continue to grow and improve to become a player who can give many examples to my juniors.” 파워볼실시간

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