Urged Tottenham to fully recruit, who are struggling

Son Heung-min has voted in favor of Tottenham Hotspur as they are considering fully signing Timo Werner, who is on loan. In an interview, Son said, “I think Werner will stay here,” supporting the full recruitment.

Son’s remarks came as he praised two wingers, Brennan Johnson and Werner. “It’s very important that the wingers are in the right position in the way we approach the game. Werner and Johnson are doing a great job understanding each other,” Son said.

“When Werner came to Tottenham, he was a little less confident, but now you can see he is playing with more confidence. Although he missed a few chances. Werner is still great, but as I always said, he is a winner of the Bundesliga Golden Boot. We expect him to be able to score more points and give assists for the team. We have big games ahead of us,” he said.

Making his debut in Stuttgart, Werner moved to Leipzig RB in the 2016-17 season and continued his career. As Son Heung-min mentioned, he emerged as a representative striker in Europe in the 2019-20 season by scoring 28 goals in 34 games, ranking second after Lovetro Lewandowski.

Werner, who later took off his Leipzig jersey in the 2020-21 season and challenged the Premier League, spent two seasons at Chelsea before returning to Leipzig, Germany, last season.

Werner, who played in 14 Bundesliga matches before joining Tottenham in the transfer market this winter, scored 102 goals and 46 assists in 257 Bundesliga matches.

Tottenham sent Harry Kane to Bayern Munich last summer and played the role of No. 9 to Hicharlisson, but was not satisfied and Son Heung-min was selected as the top scorer. By offering Werner a six-month lease during the winter transfer window, the team sought to supplement its offense capability.

Werner also wanted to leave a mark on his second attempt at the Premier League. He worked organically with Son Heung-min and others, displayed quite fierce attack capability compared to his Chelsea days, and even scored a goal early on. Currently, he has two goals and three assists in 11 matches for Tottenham.

In particular, he has been leading the attack along with Son Heung-min by making two consecutive starts in the recent matches against Luton Town and West Ham United. The fact that Johnson, in the same position, is actively playing as a “super joker” is also cited as the reason why Postecoglou uses Werner as the starting striker.

Tottenham will have to pay a transfer fee of 15 million pounds about 25.4 billion won to Leipzig in order to invoke the option to fully recruit Werner.

“Most players will make all the decisions at the right time. He has been good for us. At that time, Werner was an important recruit. At that time, Son Heung-min was called up for the Asian Cup, and Hishalisson was injured,” Postecoglou said in an interview on Sunday.

“Without Werner, we would have a big hole in our lineup. It is fair to say that he has influenced every game,” he added. “He probably wants to score more goals, but at the same time, he is also an important part of our structure.”

Werner is also the same. British Team Talk said in an exclusive report on the 20th of last month, “Tottenham Hotspur confirmed Werner’s intention to stay.”

Team Talk explained, “Berner likes to play under Postecoglou and wants to leave his future to Tottenham as long as Postecoglou remains at the club.”

“I see staying at Tottenham as an opportunity to prove that he has the qualities he needs to succeed in the Premier League after being sluggish while playing for Chelsea,” he said. “According to sources, Werner has already informed his aides that he wants to continue playing for Tottenham.”

German media Bild also said on the same day, “Berner is currently satisfied with his life at Tottenham. I have a will to stay at Tottenham next season.”

Leipzig manager Marco Rose said, “We are not in contact with Werner, but we are monitoring his progress. Werner is starting to score again, which is a result of his comfort and mood improvement. He has to keep riding the waves,” adding, “Basically, he is one of our players, but Tottenham certainly have a chance to recruit him fully.”

“If Tottenham makes it to the UEFA Champions League, it needs a veteran to manage the game and the situation. Werner has played more than 40 games at that level,” he said. “Tottenham needs to balance its squad by playing in England and Europe. If I can have such a player for 15 million pounds, it seems very easy.”

British media outlet Give Me Sports’ Dean Jones said, “It is difficult for Werner to make any decision other than to stay at Tottenham after the end of this season. His option is £15 million. Considering the quality and experience he will bring to the squad, it is almost a steal.”

“I always want to make good friends and teammates, but there is no guarantee in soccer, and the club will make a decision. But I think Werner will be happy to stay here,” Son said.

“As a player, I want to help Werner continue to get better. That’s my teammate’s job. I will wait and see what happens after the season is over,” he said.

Meanwhile, Werner expressed his affection and gratitude for Son in Spoketime and exclusive interviews. “I don’t want to meet a player like Son Heung-min. He is a player who can always score points and break down defense,” Werner said. “He is very fluent in German thanks to his experience playing in Germany. What is good for me is that I speak German with Son. But what I heard before and what I already knew is a really good person, and everyone will know right away. As a captain and as a person, he is really nice. He tried to help everyone and helped me a lot. As soon as he met me, he came straight to me and spoke to me in German. I was able to talk to everyone comfortably. He is a really good person and a great player. I hope we can play many games together.”

His attitude has changed since he joined Tottenham. “I think I’m old now,” he said. “I understand how important movement is for the team from an assist and a low position. I want to score goals as well, but scoring is no longer a major part of my game. It can bring much more, especially from these kinds of tactics. “I think a lot of people want to see me score more goals. But at Tottenham, even if we’re not high-profile players who score goals the way the coach wants us to, we can bring a lot to the team with our tactics and assists. We start from a low position and create assists to give space to others like we do today.” 메이저 토토사이트

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