San Manuel Casino premieres Scientific Games’ Monopoly Big Wheel Railroads slot

San Manuel Casino and Scientific Games announced the world premiere of Monopoly Big Wheel Railroads today. An exciting new game featuring a classic Monopoly theme, Monopoly Big Wheel Railroads made its exclusive debut on New Year’s Day at the San Manuel Casino in the California Highland.

“We are proud to provide the best-in-class gaming experience by continuing to add the latest slot machines to the floor,” said Kenji Hall, chief operating officer of San Manuel Casino. “Our players will be thrilled to be able to play Monopoly Big Wheel Railroads for the first time right here at San Manuel Casino.”

Monopoly Big Wheel Rail Road is a multi-nomination game with 5-credit max bets, featuring a classic 2x3x4x theme with multiplier wilds applied in winning combinations. Players can hop on the Monopoly Big Wheel Rail Road presented by the participatory Twin Star 3RM with wheel platforms and wheel for credits, jackpots, and various Monopoly Rail Road giveaways. Players can win big with 10-1,000 credits in Monopoly Wheel Bonus, 1 of 4 Rail Roads, Go Jackpot Wedge or Free Parking Jackpot Wedge prizes.

Guests at the San Manuel Casino will be able to participate in a free slot pool for this new Monopoly game on Wednesday, Jan. 15, from 4-6 p.m. The event will be open to a first-come, first-served 250 eligible Club Serrano members. Monopoly Big Wheel Rail Road is located on the second floor of the San Manuel Casino near the Roundup Bar. Click here to see the official rules. 슬롯머신사이트


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