Kim Yeon-kyung is retiring or extending her active career

Kim Yeon-kyung, an outside heater of Heungkuk Life Insurance in women’s professional volleyball, is considering whether to extend her active duty. An official from Heungkuk Life Insurance said in a telephone interview with Expos News on the 2nd, “Kim Yeon-kyung said she would take a break for the time being and think about it.”

I tried hard to smile, but I couldn’t hide my regret. Kim Yeon-koung and Heungkuk Life Insurance, the “Volleyball Empress,” finished second this season as well. In the third round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League postseason women’s championship game best of five held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 1st, they lost set score 2-3 25-22 17-25 25-23 23-25 7-15 at home to Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

After the playoffs, he came to the championship. He lost set score 2-3 in the first and second games, respectively, and knelt down after full set struggle in the third game. He lost three consecutive games, giving up the trophy.

The Korean team also suffered pain last season. Heungkuk Life Insurance went straight to the championship as No. 1 in the regular season. It faced the Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship, won the first and second games, and lost the third, fourth and fifth games. It missed the championship with a painful reverse sweep. Kim had to be satisfied with winning the fifth MVP of the regular season league, the most in the V-League, and the best seven outside heaters.

After the end of the 2022-2023 season, she became a free agent. As she played in overseas leagues for a long time, she came to the free agent market for the first time in Korea. She carefully considered between extending her retirement and retirement. Eventually, she decided to stay in the court. At the time, she said, “I plan to play more as a player. I have been thinking about the timing of my retirement for a long time. Many people including my family said, “Not yet,” adding, “I am still in good condition without any major injuries and I think I have good performance. I have decided based on opinions from people around me.”

The next destination had to be determined. Not only Heungkuk Life Insurance, but also other clubs showed interest in Kim. “I missed the unified title this season, which was a huge blow,” Kim said. “I’m going to choose a team that can achieve my goal. It’s going to be difficult because I felt desperate, but I want to try again to win the title.” “If the team is a team that has the ability to win, it’s okay if it receives less treatment. I want to be with the team that can win the title,” she stressed. 토토사이트 순위

As such, she was thirsty for a championship. Kim has decided to continue her pink dream. She has partnered with Heungkuk Life again. The contract period was one year, and the total compensation was 775 million won 475 million won per year, 300 million won per year which is the upper limit of women’s compensation for the 2023-2024 season. Heungkuk Life also strengthened its efforts by recruiting Kim Soo-ji, a former national team middle blocker who is a close friend of Kim Yeon-koung, as a free agent.

However, she failed to get the final puzzle right. Kim is agonizing over whether to extend her current career. An official at Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “As the season just ended yesterday, we could not discuss her future course of action. The player said he would take a break for a while and think about it. I will wait.”

Kim Yeon-koung signed a one-year contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance last year, but she did not become a free agent again after the end of this season.

According to Article 8 of the Korea Volleyball Federation’s regulation on free agent management, FA players will become eligible for FA qualification again after three regular seasons. If more than 40 percent of all regular league games are played every season even if a player is replaced only in one rally, it is recognized as a game, then one season has elapsed. Kim Yeon-koung spent one season at Heungkuk Life Insurance and needs to play two more seasons to regain her FA qualification.

If Kim Yeon-koung chooses to extend her active duty, she only needs to discuss the total remuneration with Heungkuk Life Insurance. The first deadline for player registration for the new season is 6 p.m. on June 30. There is enough time left.

In terms of performance, the next few years will be easy. In all 36 regular league games this season, Kim scored 775 points, had an attack success rate of 44.98 percent, 0.207 per serve set, 0.364 per blocking set, 42.46 percent receiving efficiency, and 3.829 per dig set. She confidently ranked sixth in scoring in the league the first in Korean players, second in overall success rate in offense, fifth in receiving, seventh in receiving, and eighth in defense 5.557 per set. She also showed off her ace-like performance as well as offense and defense.

She also has strong leadership that encompasses the entire squad and puts pressure on other players. What matters is Kim Yeon-koung’s heart. Everything is up to her decision.

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