The 22-year-old midfielder scored five goals and 13 assists


Manchester City (Manchester City) have found the successor to Kevin De Bruyne (32).

Spanish media “Pichaes” reported on the 18th (Korea time) that “Man City has placed Alex Baena (22, Villarreal) as a candidate for recruitment in preparation for the possibility of The Bruyne’s departure this summer.”

Manchester City are considered one of the favourites to win the Premier League this season.
Manchester City, which has played 28 league games, is fiercely competing for the lead with 63 points with 19 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses.

He is showing off his potential at the European Games.
Manchester City advanced to the quarterfinals with a 3-1 victory over Copenhagen in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

It’s not without the elements of anxiety. Bruins’ influence has been drastically reduced this season.
Bruin left the squad with another injury ahead of joining the Belgian team.

The problem is that The Bruyne’s injuries are becoming more frequent.
Bruin has been sidelined since the beginning of this season by a hamstring injury until December last year.

Recruiting a replacement for The Bruyne has emerged as Man City’s homework.
Apart from The Bruyne’s injury, Saudi Arabia continues to express interest in him, with calls for a replacement on 토토사이트.

Manchester City’s eyes turned on Baena.

According to this, Manchester City are seriously considering signing Baena in the transfer market this summer.

Baena, seen in the 안전놀이터, is considered a midfielder who will grow to a world-class level in the future.
It is a multi-resource that can play offensive midfielders as well as left and right wingers, and explosive speed and accurate kicking power are considered the biggest strengths.

He also left a clear record this season. In every tournament this season, Baena has scored five goals and 13 assists in 37 matches.
He was not lacking in being called one of La Liga’s best attacking midfielders.

Manchester City’s plan to sign Baena is clear.
“Manchester City will seek to sign a replacement if The Bruyne leaves this summer, and have set up Vaena as a strong target,” Pichai said

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