World Poker Tour Announces WPT Taiwan Event

The World Poker Tour today announced a partnership with the China Texas Hold’em Poker Association to host the WPT Taiwan from July 12 to 22, 2019. The historic event marks the first time a World Poker Tour has been introduced to Taiwan in WPT history and kicks off a new partnership with the China Texas Hold’em Poker Association real estate in Taipei, Taiwan.

The WPT Taiwan Festival features buy-ins ranging from 4,000 TWD to 55,000 TWD, and the WPT Main Event Buy-in, which runs from July 17-21, is 30,000 TWD (approximately $1,000).

China The Texas Hold’em Poker Association has eight clubs across Taiwan. Taipei is Taiwan’s largest poker stadium, with more than 25 tables filling its rooms.

“Taiwan is a great country, and the people here are filled with passion with lots of shopping and great dining spots with amazing poker,” said David Tai, CEO of CTP. “The streets here are clean and safe with enhanced security. All these attractions make Taiwan one of the most popular travel destinations in the world!”

Angelica Hael, vice president of global tour management for the World Poker Tour, added, “The China Texas Hold’em Poker Association is an exciting venue and the World Poker Tour looks forward to collaborating with a fantastic team. WPT continues to expand into the Asia-Pacific, and WPT Taiwan will be another spectacular event that highlights the best the region has to offer.” 바카라사이트 추천

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