U-17 national soccer team, training camp in Germany Practice match with Munich youth team

U-17 national team during training camp in Spain last year

The Korea Football Association announced on the 13th that the men’s U-17 national soccer team will conduct field training in Munich, Germany from the 17th to the 26th.

Former Association coach Lee Chang-hyun, who coached the FIFA Under-20 World Cup team last year, will take over as coach of the U-17 national team.

Coach Lee Chang-hyun also led the under-18 national team in the Seoul EOU Cup last year.

Former coach Seungjun Son, who is currently training as a coach at Bayern Munich, a German professional soccer team, will join the team as a coach there. 메이저사이트

Yang Young-min, coach of last year’s U-17 World Cup national team and currently goalkeeper coach of the under-16 national team led by Baek Ki-tae, will also participate in the training camp in Germany.

The U-17 national team consists of 22 players who showed excellent skills in the Gyeongju convocation training from the 4th to the 7th.

All 22 players were born in 2007 and are in the age group that will participate in the 2027 FIFA U-20 World Cup, which will be held three years later.

The U-17 national team starts with the Hoffenheim U-19 team on the 20th local time, plays a practice game with the Bayern Munich U-19 team on the 22nd, and then moves to Salzburg, Austria to face the Salzburg U-19 team on the 23rd.

The U-17 national team is a different team from the national team preparing for the 2025 U-17 World Cup under coach Baek Ki-tae.

The Korea Football Association operates national teams for each age group so that even players of age groups who are not currently participating in world competitions can gain experience on the international stage.

The Korea Football Association signed a business agreement (MOU) with Bayern Munich in 2019, focusing on youth programs such as exchanges of youth and youth players and leaders, and hosting friendly matches.

Under this agreement, the U-17 national team will have time to experience Bayern Munich’s culture and facilities in addition to training and practice games.
◇ Men’s U-17 national team convened list for field training in Munich, Germany in March (total of 22 players)

▲ Goalkeeper (GK) = Kim Se-hyung (Ulsan U-18), Shin Jun-seo (Gyeongnam U-18)

▲ Defender (DF) = Kim Soo-hyung, Bae Seong-bin (Jeonbuk U-18), Noh Hyeong-jun (Boing High School), Mo Kyung-bin (Suwon U-18), Park Gyeong-taek (Pohang U-18), Lee Jae-hyung, Jeong Seong-bin (Ulsan U-18), Jo Jeong-hyeon (middle school)

▲ Midfielder (MF) = Kim Min-woo (Suwon U-18), Kim Young-han (Seongnam U-18), Park Hyun-min (Jeonbuk U-18), Lee Young-jin (Yeongdeungpo Technical High School), Jeong Gyu-min (Gwangju U-18), Jeong Seong-bin (Pohang U-18) 18)

▲ Attacker (FW) = Kang Seong-ju (Kyunghee High School), Kim Geon-hee (Seongnam U-18), Park Seung-su (Suwon U-18), Lee Yun-hwan (Jinwi FC), Lee Hyun-ki (Shinpyeong High School), Jeong Hwi-jin (Hwaseong U-18) 토토사이트 추천

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