Tottenham teammate who called Son Heung-min a fake Korean, this time similar to Brazilian

“If you look at his self-esteem, his way of life, it’s very similar to Brazilians.”

This is the assessment given to Son Heung-min Tottenham. It shows how much effort Son Heung-min is putting to get close to them to the extent that he thinks the two are Brazilian.

Spurs Web, Tottenham’s fan site, released an interview where Emerson and Hisharlisong mentioned Son Heung-min on Wednesday. According to Emerson, Emerson said, “He tries to speak Portuguese and Spanish. His self-esteem, lifestyle and so on are really similar to ours.” He added, “He is my best friend. I really like him. Son became our captain, so we have more responsibilities.”

Born in 1999, seven years younger than Son, Emerson has been playing as a side defender since joining Tottenham in 2021. Known as a player who likes Son better than anyone else, Emerson has praised Son several times before. In an interview with Football London in November last year, he said, “While South American players try to communicate with the players by playing loud and loud music, English-speaking players are generally quiet.” “In this regard, Son is a ‘fake Korean’. He is Brazilian. I try to entertain everyone.” 메이저 토토사이트

Hisharlisong also praised Son. Having joined Tottenham last season, Hisharlisong has scored double-digit goals this season, leading Tottenham’s offense together with Son. “He leads us. He talks a lot even if it’s not like Harry Kane Bayern Munich,” Hisharlisong said. “He has been with Tottenham for many years. That’s why he has a bigger responsibility than anyone else.”

Everyone knows that Son Heung-min is the center of Tottenham, even if it is not the two of them. Ahead of this season, he has been appointed captain and has displayed excellent leadership both on and off the field. In addition, he has been performing in all directions, scoring 14 goals and eight assists in the league, and tying for fourth in league goals and sixth in assists. This is why Tottenham players follow the “new captain” with their heart.

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