Dyer, Talks A Lot And Plays Well

Coach Thomas Tuchel, who leads Bayern Munich, recently expressed sympathy for Kim Min-jae, who was pushed back in the competition for selection, explaining why he went down as a bench member.

“Thomas Tuchel hopes Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano will be able to get through the difficult situation,” the “Bavarian Football Works,” which mainly reports Munich news, reported on the 12th .

Tuchel has been running a defense line differently from the previous one in the first half of the 2023-24 season. Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano served as key center backs under Tuchel in the first half of the season, but the two players have recently been reduced to bench members.

Ahead of the new season, Munich recruited Kim Min-jae, who was playing for the Italian Serie A team SSC Napoli. Munich paid 50 million euros (71.6 billion won) in transfer fee to recruit Kim Min-jae, who led the team to the Serie A title with Napoli.

After Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Munich was confirmed, Tuchel gave Kim a warm welcome. When Kim arrived at the training site, he opened his arms and exchanged a hug, saying, “Nice to meet you.”

Not only did he hug her, but he also patted her on the shoulder and touched her cheek to show his friendliness, and even kissed her on the cheek. Tuchel, who even expressed his strong affection, said, “You will do very well. You will like the process. I promise.”

Kim Min-jae also received love calls from many big clubs during the summer transfer window, but he said that Tuchel’s persuasion was behind the decision to move to Munich.

“The phone call with Tuchel was very decisive and touching. He spoke very positively about me,” Kim Min-jae said in an interview with Sport Bild. “He knew everything about me and my game and told me inside out, and he also has a clear plan for me.”

“It was very detailed. It gave me a great feeling, confidence and stability,” Tuchel said. “His thoughts on my game and my strengths were exactly what I thought. I immediately made the decision during my conversation with Tuchel,” he said. After learning about his strengths and performance, Tuchel admitted that his move to Munich was crucial.

Tuchel immediately appointed his new teammate Kim Min-jae as the starting pitcher. Kim Min-jae, who started the Bundesliga in the opening game, played full-time in 15 consecutive games, raising concerns about overload.

At that time, as Matthijs Dericht was out of the force due to injury, Kim Min-jae helped compete in the first half by taking charge of the Munich defense along with French center back Dayo Upamecano.

However, after visiting Qatar at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, Kim’s position has significantly changed. Kim, who had been an undisputed mainstay during the first half of the season, started to sit on the bench, falling behind in the competition with newly recruited Eric Dier during the winter transfer window.

Munich started Dyer and Duricht as the center-back combination in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 in the 2023-24 season against SS Lazio on the 6th. At that time, Upamecano was banned from playing due to a disciplinary action after being sent off in the previous game, but the news that Kim Min-jae was excluded from the starting list even though there was no injury and disciplinary action shocked fans.

Dyer and Duricht were also on the starting list in their 25th-round Bundesliga home game against Mainz after Tuchel secured a complete 3-0 victory over Lazio, who switched center-back combinations. Kim Min-jae, who was back on the bench, came on as a substitute in the second half, and the result ended in a landslide 8-1 Munich win.

As Munich won two consecutive games with the combination of “Die-The-Licht” center backs, coach Tuchel is expected to continue to start the two players in the future, a red light has been turned on in Kim Min-jae’s position.

As Kim fell behind in the race to become the starting member, Bild, a leading German magazine, said on Sunday, “Even the 50-million-euro (71.6 billion won) man, Kim Min-jae, is no longer functioning. He is the new loser of Thomas Tuchel.”

“Kim Min-jae, who transferred to Bayern Munich with 50 million euros, did not survive under Tuchel,” the media said. “Tuchel has found a new central defender combination by hiring Matthijs Dericht and Eric Dier. The two have been playing well.”

Avent Zeitung, a leading German media outlet in Bavaria, said on Wednesday, “Dier and Matthijs Dericht have become pillars of the team. Dier joined Munich through the winter transfer window. There were doubts about Dier’s move, but Dier has proven to be lucky,” adding that Dier has become a key defender of Munich along with Dericht.

“Dier stabilized and strengthened his defense, and his communication skills are beneficial to the team. With a 64.7% success rate in competition, Dier had the highest success rate among Munich defenders.”

“Kim Min-jae, who joined from Naples last summer, is now the third option among center backs,” he said, adding that Dyer pushed Kim Min-jae away.

While the fact that Kim Min-jae was pushed out of the main competition became a hot topic in the German soccer community, Tuchel also recognized the reality that his favorite, Kim Min-jae, was in and sent sympathy.

According to the media, Tuchel said in an interview with Sky Sports Germany after the Mainz match, “It is very difficult for (Kim) Min-jae. In particular, Kim Min-jae is very good even if he deserves to play, but there are times like that,” adding, “Dier and Dericht are staying in the lineup because they did well in two home games.” 안전놀이터

“It’s too bad for Upamecano. He suffered a little bit from two red cards,” he said, expressing regret for Upamecano, who was sent off for two consecutive games in the Champions League and the league.

“Diary is playing well and talking a lot, so it’s good for us because he organizes the defense well and has a close relationship with Dericht,” he said. “This is why the two players are one step ahead now,” explaining why Kim Min-jae was pushed back in the starting competition.

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