KB Manager Kim Wan-soo said, “Thanks to The 10,000-Won Crowd

It was a great game. And in this game, KB Stars caught Woori Bank as a “giant.”

At the third round match of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Cheongju Indoor Stadium on Saturday, KB won a whopping 73-61. With the victory, KB has grabbed 13 wins (two losses) to tie for first place with Korea.

They were on par until the second quarter, but managed to secure a win in the second half. “It was a home game, and I was able to gain strength thanks to our fans. Thanks to the packed crowd, I was able to secure the victory,” KB manager Kim Wan-soo said after the game, expressing his gratitude to the home fans for filling 2,833 seats.

After a day off on Sunday, the team had a showdown with the strongest team ever in the league. Despite this, the team won a landslide victory. “What surprised me was that the players concentrated so well that I could respect them. The players concentrated so well that I could hardly believe them. I am very proud and respectful of the players who displayed such a good level of concentration after a day off,” Kim said.

On the day, KB scored just four goals against Kim Dan-bi, its ace player. “This is Um Yoon-ah’s strength. Yoon-ah defended her aggressive side well by matching up Dan-bi. I think she was not in good condition at some point,” Kim said in a compliment.

He was chased gradually through the second quarter, but managed to earn points in the second half to secure a landslide victory of 12 points. “I told him to stick to his basic skills during halftime. Both defense and offense were good, but he was chased after because it didn’t work out,” Kim said. “I especially asked Heo to do a good job as a conductor.” Heo scored seven points in the fourth quarter alone, and displayed robust performance with 14 points and nine rebounds. 배트맨토토

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