Its a U.S. Biden Exchanges Prisoners with Venezuela

The United States is trying to change the diplomatic relations of the former Donald Trump administration.

President Joe Biden has begun a prisoner exchange with Venezuela, his longtime enemy.

According to U.S. economic media outlet CNBC, Biden said in a statement on the 20th (local time)

Ten Americans detained in Venezuela, including six who were unjustly detained, were released today and are coming home.” 지울프-토토

The freed Americans included former U.S. Special Forces members Luke Denman and Iron Berry, who were arrested in connection with the 2020 attempt to overthrow the Maduro regime.

 Additionally, the U.S. government took over Leonard Francis (Malaysian national), a suspect in a large-scale bribery case against U.S. military personnel. 

He fled to Venezuela after removing the monitoring device on his ankle ahead of the election hearing in September last year.

Biden announced that the Venezuelan government has decided to release 20 political prisoners imprisoned in the country, in addition to Americans.

In return for this release, the United States released Alex Saab, known as a close associate of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 

Saab, who holds dual citizenship of Venezuela and Colombia, is a former businessman.

He was indicted in the United States in 2019 on money laundering charges related to corruption in the Maduro government, and was arrested in Cape Verde, Africa in 2020 and extradited to the United States in 2021. 

The United States determined that Saab played an important role in the process of Venezuela exporting gold and oil, bypassing U.S. sanctions.

The U.S. media assessed that the Biden administration had once again compromised with the authoritarian government to rescue Americans. 

Previously, the United States and Venezuela exchanged seven Americans, including Maduro’s two nephews and five American oil company executives who were imprisoned on drug-related charges, in October last year. 

The United States also eased sanctions on the Venezuelan oil industry in October of this year.

Venezuela’s ruling and opposition parties agreed in October to hold a fair and free presidential election next year through U.S. mediation. 

According to the tentative agreement, the Maduro government promised to pardon leading opposition candidates who are banned from running for public office

including former National Assembly Speaker Maria Corina Machado, who is said to be Maduro’s biggest political opponent.

The U.S. government eased oil sanctions and announced that it would reimpose sanctions if the Maduro government does not keep its promises by November 30

but the Maduro government has not kept its promise to pardon until now.

Biden said in a statement on the 20th, “We support democracy in Venezuela and the aspirations of the Venezuelan people for it

and said he would monitor whether the Maduro government fulfills its promises.


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