Its Taltenham Win is it True Released Seonggol Youth

Harry Winks is having happy days after leaving Tottenham.

The team currently in first place in the English Championship (Second Division), whose turning point is just around the corner

is Leicester City, which faced the shocking result of relegation from the Premier League (PL) last season.

 Leicester is in first place with an overwhelming performance of 18 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses in 22 league games. 바카라사이트닷컴


Ipswich Town, in second place, is closely following with 52 points, three points behind Leicester.

However, as the gap with the third to sixth place has widened significantly, it appears that Leicester will not have any major difficulties in reaching its goal of promotion to the PL. 

At the center of Leicester’s attempt to challenge for the PL again is Winks, who was released from Tottenham.

Winks was a Seonggol youth player who grew up with high expectations at Tottenham. 

He entered the first team and advanced to a starting position, but ultimately failed to fully settle into the team. Even after a loan spell at Sampdoria last season

there was no room for Winks, and Tottenham transferred Winks to Leicester.

It was also surprising that Winks, who could play well in the first division, chose Leicester, which had been relegated to the second division.

However, Winks is proving to himself that his choice was not wrong. After transferring to Leicester

Winks appeared as a starter in 21 of the 22 league games and played full-time in 20 games, becoming a key player in the team.

Regarding this, the UK’s ‘The Athletic’ said, “Winks loves life playing in a Leicester shirt. That is evident not only in the way he celebrates after each win, but also in the way he plays.

Winks’ performance has been supported by Leicester manager Enzo Maresca. He evaluated Winks’ successful settlement in Leicester, saying, “It shows the typical example of Leicester.”

“Winks has found a new lease of life at Leicester. He is playing regularly, is injury-free and has an integral role in this team.

He could have been out of the top flight for a while, but he is now 55 points away from home.

Given the current trend of Leicester, Winks’ gamble seems likely to succeed,” he added.

Maresca said: “It wouldn’t be accurate to call Winks an ‘important player’.

He’s one of the most important players in the way we want to play. That’s why we tried so hard to bring him in over the summer.

He’s just on the pitch. He expressed satisfaction with the signing of Winks, saying,

He is doing a fantastic job for us every day in training sessions and in the locker room.

We are always talking and trying to create the right environment. He is a fantastic player.”

If Winks leads Leicester in good form in the second half and wins the championship

he will be able to prove Taltenham’s winning formula once again.

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