Hangzhou gold medalist Jung Woo-young starred in lead role, not supporting role for Klinsmann, too.

He’s still a supporting player, but ‘little’ Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) wants to be a star.

On Thursday, the national team gathered all 23 members of the squad for a training session at Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul ahead of their first match against Singapore in the second Asian qualifier for the 카지노사이트 2026 FIFA World Cup North America.

Jung Woo-young, who arrived at the stadium a little earlier than the main group and met with the media, was full of confidence. He had scored eight goals in men’s soccer at the Hangzhou Asian Games last month, winning the top scorer award and a gold medal for his military service. His rambunctious behavior in the attacking second line could be a breath of fresh air at a time when the team is running low on energy.

Jung Woo-young returned home today due to the team’s late schedule. Still, he’s in a lighter mood after starting the season in a Stuttgart jersey in Freiburg before the start of this season.

“I’m really enjoying it. The first game was at home, so it’s really fun and nice to play in front of the fans again. It feels good to play with my brothers one more time and to see my teammates after a long time in Korea.”

The attacking second line is loaded with talent. Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) and Lee Jae-sung (Mainz 05) are solid. There’s also Moon Sun-min (Jeonbuk Hyundai) and Hong Hyun-seok (Gent). Jung Woo-young is a realistic replacement.

“There are a lot of good players and I’m confident in myself, so I think I’m more motivated than stressed. I think that’s why I’m more motivated,” he said, emphasizing that it’s a competitive resource.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be there to help him do well in the first qualifier. I think the first priority is to try and prepare well so that we can show a good performance on the field.”

The national team has been moving between Yeouido Hotel and Mokdong due to the expiration of the contract at the Paju National Football Center (Paju NFC) and aging facilities. The team is preparing to play away from home or outside the Seoul metropolitan area. “We’ve always convened in Paju, but for the first time, we’re staying in a hotel in Seoul. On the one hand, it is unfamiliar, but I will try to adapt a little better with the players,” he said, emphasizing that he will adapt to the environment for a good game without difficulty.

The biggest difference between Paju NFC and hotel life is the food. “Personally, rice is more delicious in Paju. I think all the players miss Paju rice a little more, but I think we should eat well here and prepare for the game,” he said, causing laughter.

Jung Woo-young showed off his gold medal in his pants pocket at the A team meeting after the Asian Games. “Through the Asian Games, I felt that I was the main character, so I want to be the main character again. I will prepare well from the first game and show a good performance. I think it’s my role to make sure that I become the main character again,” he said, revealing his motivation.


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