US soldiers in North Korea voluntarily left without being classified as prisoners of war.

The U.S. government has decided not to classify North Korean Private Travis King as a prisoner of war (POW), according to media reports.

Reuters reported on Thursday, citing multiple officials, that the decision was made not to classify King as a prisoner of war at this time.

If declared a prisoner of war, he would be treated under the “Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War” (Geneva III).

According to this, prisoners of war must be treated humanely and their human dignity must not be compromised at any time.

Prisoners of war should be provided with food and medical supplies, and should not be pressured for information.

Any unlawful behavior that could cause the death or health of a prisoner is prohibited.

Both the United States and North Korea are signatories to Geneva III.

“How to define King’s status has been the subject of intense debate within the Pentagon,” Reuters reports, noting that “technically, since the Korean War is a cease-fire and the United States and North Korea are at war, King, an active-duty soldier, meets the definition of a prisoner of war.”

However, the unnamed official explained that the circumstances of King’s voluntary crossing of the Demilitarized Zone did not qualify him as a prisoner of war.

The U.S. government reportedly conveyed this position to North Korea via a private line of communication.

King, who was previously scheduled to be repatriated to his home country on March 18, crossed the Military Demarcation Line after visiting the Joint Security Area (JSA) at Panmunjom as part of a tourist group.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. government and United Nations organizations made several attempts to contact North Korea to confirm Private King’s whereabouts and well-being, 카지노사이트킴 and were recently informed by North Korea that it was in possession of him.

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