The 2nd Maldini is a crazy performance, overwhelming defense, and forwardness

Ricardo Calafiori showed his ability again.

Italy had a 1-1 draw with Croatia at the third leg of Group B of the UEFA Euro 2024 at Leipzig Stadium in Germany at 4 a.m. on Saturday. Italy is ranking second in the group, confirming its advance to the tournament. Croatia, which had a close tie, ranked third.

Calafiori came to the defense. He made up three backs with Matteo Darmian and Alexandro Bastoni. While Italy was sluggish aggressively, Calafiori moved forward and strengthened the build-up. After losing a point to Luka Modric, he took out Federico DiMarco, put in Federico Chiesa, and switched to four back, but it went high and bothered Croatia.

He displayed impressive forward movement. Despite going up high, he still maintained his defensive stability and displayed quality pitching of his passes. When Italy needed a goal at the end of the second half, he moved up like a midfielder to take control of the left side. Shortly before the match ended, Matia Zakani scored a goal to make the score 1-1, securing a ticket to the round of 16.

Based on the soccer statistics magazine’s “Sofa Score,” the highest rating was 7.5 points for Calafiori. It was the same as Gianluigi Donnarumma and higher than Modric. Calafiori recorded 93% pass success rate 61 attempts, 57 successful attempts, two contested wins two attempts, one successful mid-air ball three attempts, three key passes, one successful cross, three successful long passes four attempts, and one foul.

Big clubs including Tottenham Hotspur have shown why they want him. Shinsung Calafiori, born in 2002, is a left-footed player who moves back and forth between left and center backs. As a native of AS Roma, he did not receive many opportunities and moved to FC Basel. After joining Bologna in 2023, he returned to Serie A. With the support of Thiago Motta, he became a key Bologna defender. He is tall, has fast feet, and has great ability with his left foot, which suited Motta’s style that puts emphasis on building up. 무료슬롯사이트

He often drags the ball up to the plate, but his skills were assessed as being perfect for a modern defender. He also scored seven goals in 37 matches. He is nicknamed the “future of Italy’s defense,” and has been selected by Coach Luciano Spaletti and is currently playing as a starting center back along with Bastoni. Italy is smiling at the discovery of Calafiori, which has shown sluggish performance.


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