Allowed equalizer in the 98th minute

Draw with Italy, allowing an equaliser just before the end of the second half

Croatia is uncertain about advancing to the round of 16 due to a draw in the final match.

Can Croatian soccer hero Luka Modric’s 39-year-old “last dance” continue.

Croatia drew 1-1 against Italy in the third Group B match of the “2024 European Championship Euro 2024” held at Leipzig Stadium in Germany on the 25th.

Croatia, which led 1-0 just before the end of the game, missed the victory it had grabbed by conceding a theater equalizer in the 98th minute, which ended the group stage with two draws and one loss two points.

As a result, Italy, which recorded one win, one draw and one loss, won a ticket to the round of 16 as second in the group, while Spain confirmed the top spot in Group B, which includes Croatia.

Croatia’s elimination has not yet been confirmed. Euro 2024 is a method in which the top two teams from six groups will go straight to the round of 16, and the top four of the third-place teams will join.

We need to take a look at the third-place race. Austria-Hungary in Group D, Slovakia in Group E, and Hungary in Group A both have three points, while Slovenia, the third-place team in Group C, has two points, and the Czech Republic in Group F has one point. According to the current rankings, Croatia, which is ranking fifth in the third-place race, cannot advance to the round of 16.

Croatia is uncertain about advancing to the round of 16 due to a draw in the final match.

Croatia’s fate will be determined in the final group match.

For now, Croatia cannot beat Austria, Slovakia and Hungary with three points. If so, it has to find the remaining spot, but even this is not easy.

For now, Slovenia point two, the third-ranked in Group C, and Serbia point one, the fourth-ranked, have to lose their final matches against England and Denmark, respectively. In particular, Slovenia is three goals behind Croatia in terms of points tie or goal difference, so it can reverse its ranking only when it loses at least four goals in the final match against England. 카지노사이트

Next up is Group F. The Czech Republic, ranking third and fourth in Group F, have one point apiece, while Croatia is tying in the final match. In other words, Croatia has to pray that the Czech Republic will lose both the match against Turkey and Georgia will also face Portugal.

Soccer fans are paying attention to whether a miracle will occur as Croatia wishes in the final four games of the group stage, and Luka Modric’s last dance will continue.


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