Buddy Valastro’s ‘Buddy Boardwalk Empire’ Opens At Hara Resort In Atlantic City

Atlantic City is getting a whole new treat. Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Ballastro will open the Buddy Boardwalk Empire in Atlantic City, Hara, in early summer 2024. This new concept from Buddy Ballastro’s restaurant group will serve customers with enticing jersey-style sandwiches, a variety of pizzas, innovative new pasta stations, and of course, fresh Ballastro’s iconic desserts and cakes at the Carlo Bake Shop in New Jersey.

Buddy’s Boardwalk Empire is shaping up to be a popular menu item in the stellar dining lineup served by Hara’s resort Atlantic City with celebrity chef Buddy Ballastro’s latest creation. This innovative concept combines the best elements of Buddy Ballastro’s Bose Cafe in Las Vegas, Buddy’s Judge Eats, and Buddy’s Pizza Cake to create a unique, immersive culinary experience. By taking the best and most popular items from each menu, restaurantgoers can dine on Bose Cafe’s popular Jersey roast beef pocaccia-style sandwich and bakery pizza, watch homemade ‘Muts’ every day, enjoy ready-made East Coast pizzas with a unique flavor profile of the pizza cake, and travel to the boardwalk with Jersey Eats’ various Italian fair favorites. Unique to this location, guests can also dine on a variety of fresh pasta. Because no ballastro concept is perfect without his signature dessert, sweet lovers can enjoy a variety of pastries, including Canoli and Buddy’s famous lobster tail pastry, and others from Carlo’s Bake Shop. With its unique concept and excellent menu offering, Buddy’s Boardwalk Empire will be a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

“We are thrilled to welcome Buddy’s new adventure,” said Greg Klein, senior vice president and general manager of Hara Resort. “His innovative approach, combining traditional Italian fare with a true Atlantic city spirit, perfectly complements our commitment to producing a special experience for our guests. This completely new and unique dining concept further strengthens Hara’s position as an AC destination for cutting-edge culinary offerings.”

“I’m excited to start a new concept in my home state and eat the best at my restaurant in Vegas,” said Buddy Balastro. “Buddy Boardwalk Empire is another great step forward in our relationship with Caesars Entertainment and in developing a fun dining concept with Buddy Balastro Restaurant Group. I can’t wait to open our doors and show our family love!”

The new addition is in the main lobby of Hara Resort. 슬롯사이트 순위


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