UK Online Slot Players Set Up Biggest Stake

Equity restrictions on online slot games will be introduced for the first time in September, including a lower limit for teenagers, as the government continues to implement measures to protect people from gambling damage.

  • Online gambling regulations were introduced in September for the first time in a breakthrough opportunity for online slot games
  • Up to £2 stake offered for online slot games aged 18 to 24
  • Casino-linked stakes offered for adults over 25 with £5 limit

Easily accessible online slot games are one of the most addictive forms of gambling, and can be linked to big losses, long sessions, and binge eating. Unlike land-based gaming consoles like casinos, they have no legal equity restrictions.

To counter the increased risk of serious damage from online slot games and life-changing losses, the government will introduce a £5 equity limit for adults over 25.

Evidence suggests the low level equity limit for young adults aged 18-24 is set at £2 per session. This age group not only has the highest average problem gambling score in all groups, but also has general life stage factors such as low disposable income, ongoing neurodevelopment affecting risk perception, and managing money for the first time. Evidence also indicates a stronger link between gambling-related harm and suicide.

The decision follows a 10-week consultation in which most respondents agreed to a proposal for a gambling white paper to introduce legal restrictions on online slot games to reduce the risk of gambling harm. The consultation responses included input from industry, academia, treatment providers and individuals.

Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew said:

“Millions of people gamble safely every day, but the evidence shows that online slot games have a much higher rate of problem gambling.”

“We also know that young people may be more vulnerable when it comes to gambling-related harm, which is why we are committed to addressing both of these issues in the white paper.”

“It is clear that online gambling is growing in popularity, so this announcement will level the playing field alongside the athletics sector, and is the next step in a number of measures to be introduced this year to protect people from gambling damage.”

Evidence from the Health Improvement Agency shows that young adults may be particularly vulnerable to gambling-related harms, while those under 25 have the highest average problem gambling scores for all age groups.

NHS survey figures show there is a problem gambling rate of 8.7% for online gambling in slots, casinos or bingo games, one of the highest rates across gambling activity.

Zoe Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, said:

“We welcome the government’s announcement to lower the online equity limit for under-25s as an important mechanism to protect young people. Our research shows increased damage from gambling and online slots are a very dangerous commodity.”

“As we continue to work to tackle rising public health challenges, we will work with governments and others to ensure there is no missed opportunity regarding the introduction of strong precautions, including new restrictions like this.”

The limit will take effect in September this year, following the second round of legislation. There will be a six-week transition period to allow operators to comply with the usual £5 share limit rule, after which another six weeks will be spent developing the technical solutions needed to ensure operators are fully compliant with the lower stake limit of £2 for young people aged 18-24.

Although most people gamble without problems, the restrictions introduced today are just some of the proposals put forward in the government white paper to modernize the gambling sector and make it fit for the digital age.

This includes financial risk checks to prevent fatal life-changing losses, along with the introduction of statutory levies for research, prevention, and treatment. The Gambling Commission and the government continue to listen to the concerns of activists, the general public, and both the gambling and horse racing industries as part of the consultation process on these checks. The Gambling Commission continues to improve its approach to design to achieve the right balance between protection and freedom. 실시간 바카라사이트

As well as introducing measures to protect people from gambling-related harms, the white paper package includes proposals that will support the land-based gambling industry to thrive. The industry is supporting thousands of jobs across the country and the government has made it clear that it does not want to hurt its success.

A response to the broader white paper action will be announced soon.


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