GKL Announces Strategies To Respond To Regional Casino Market Competition

Grand Korea Leisure Inc. (GKL), Korea’s famous foreigner-only casino operator, has announced a strategic overhaul to strengthen its competitiveness amid intensifying regional competition. The company plans to leverage its expertise in casino operations and information technology by providing them to emerging gaming markets. The plan is part of three comprehensive strategies designed to boost GKL’s business model.

GKL did not disclose specific markets for these services. However, the company noted that South Korea’s casino industry is expected to face significant competition from upcoming casino developments in Japan and potentially Thailand.

On Friday, GKL, listed on the Korea Exchange (114090.KS), launched a new “business task force.” The task force will focus on three main areas: expanding casino operations internationally, digitizing casino business processes, and developing education in the tourism industry.

A statement from GKL cited by GGRAsia said the task force would be jointly chaired by Kim Young-san, the company’s CEO, as well as the union leader and 11 other GKL officials.

The goal of the “expanding casino business targeting overseas” initiative is to export GKL’s “excellent” workforce, proprietary casino IT technology and consulting services related to casino operations, the statement said.

“As Japan and Thailand enter the Asian casino business, we need to prepare for the future as we anticipate that competition will intensify and consumption patterns of arrivals visiting Korea will change,” Kim Young-san, CEO of the task force, said at the launch event

In line with these strategic changes, GKL announced in April that it would strengthen consumer marketing activities in Japan in the second half of this year.

a strong brand in the region

Under the Seven Luck brand, GKL operates three foreigner-only casinos: two in the capital city of Seoul, and one in the southern major port city of Busan. This strategic positioning has allowed GKL to be a significant part of the tourism market, especially among foreign visitors.

The establishment of the task force and its plans reflect GKL’s aggressive approach to getting ahead in a highly competitive market. GKL aims to strengthen its status as a leader in the casino industry as well as generate additional revenue streams by exporting its expertise and skills.

The move to digitize casino operations is expected to streamline the process, improve customer experience, and improve operational efficiency. Meanwhile, the focus on education in the tourism industry highlights GKL’s commitment to contributing to the wider tourism ecosystem in Korea.

As the local casino environment evolves, GKL’s strategic initiatives will likely play a critical role in maintaining its competitiveness. GKL aims to secure its status as a top operator in the Asian gaming industry by leveraging its core strengths and adapting to new market dynamics. 무료슬롯사이트

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