‘Choi Jeong struck out’ Kim Taek-yeon “I didn’t look at the batter’s name, I threw my ball”

“I gained more strength from the support I’m glad I passed the slider.”

Taekyeon Kim fights back

The Doosan Bears were on the defensive, but when the announcer announced that Kim Taek-yeon (18) was coming to the mound, the Doosan fans let out a loud cheer.

As Kim Taek-yeon continued to pitch, the Doosan fans’ cheers got louder.

This is proof that ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Taek-yeon has established himself as the best shield that Doosan boasts.

Doosan was ahead 1-0 in a professional baseball home game against SSG Landers held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 22nd, but allowed a 1-1 tie in the top of the 7th inning when Choi Ji-hoon hit a triple to right-centered ground with no outs on first base.

Choi Ji-gang blocked Park Seong-han with a grounder to shortstop, putting the ball on third base with one out, but Choi Jeong, the ‘No. 1 home run leader in the KBO League’, came to bat.

The card that Doosan coach Seung-yeop Lee drew was Taek-yeon Kim.

Kim Taek-yeon confidently faced Choi Jeong, and with a ball count of 3 balls and 2 strikes, he caused a missed swing with a high fastball of 151 km/h.

After the game, Kim Taek-yeon said, “Senior Choi Jeong is the best hitter that everyone acknowledges. I was nervous, but I wanted to compete without looking at the hitter’s name on the mound.” “I thought, ‘Let’s throw it,’ and the 6th pitch I threw worked well,” he said.

In a critical situation where a comeback was allowed with just an outfield fly, Kim Taek-yeon aimed for a ‘strikeout’ against ‘the best active hitter’ Choi Jeong, and actually struck out. 스포츠 토토사이트

He grinned, “Of course, the best outcome for a pitcher in that situation is a strikeout. I’m glad the high fastball resulted in a swing and miss, just as I thought.”

Guillermo Heredia, who was second in batting average with 2 outs and 2nd base, sent a well-hit ball to the outfield, but the ball flew straight to right field.

Kim Taek-yeon, who watched Heredia slam the bat in disappointment, said, “I think I was lucky too. I thought it was dangerous because it was a good hit, but fortunately I caught it,” and said, “I understand Heredia’s feelings.”

Kim Taek-yeon, who also appeared on the mound in the 8th inning, ended the inning with a three-way throw.

There was also a meaningful scene when he struck out the last batter, Go Myeong-jun.

Kim Taek-yeon judged the third pitch, a 150 km/h fastball, to be a ‘strike’ and moved towards the dugout. However, the pitch tracking system declared ‘ball’.

Kim Tae-yeon, who was on the mound again, struck out Go Myeong-jun standing with a slider rather than a fastball.

Although he is attracting attention for his fast balls that can exceed 150 km/h, Kim Taek-yeon is attempting to become a ‘better pitcher who is also good at throwing breaking balls.’

Kim Taek-yeon said, “When I was playing against senior Go Myeong-jun, I thought the third pitch went well, but it turned out to be a ball. I wanted to throw the next ball as a breaking ball, but (catcher) senior Kim Ki-yeon signaled for a slider,” and added, “I was happy that the slider went in well.” I laughed.

As rookie Kim Taek-yeon pitched well, the Doosan batting line scored 2 runs.

Kim Taek-yeon earned his second win (one save) of the season with perfect pitching, allowing no hits, no runs, and striking out two in 1⅔ innings.

After earning his first save in his debut the previous day (the 21st), he played a leading role in the victory for two consecutive days.

Doosan coach Seung-yeop Lee also praised Taek-yeon Kim, saying, “Taek-yeon Kim played his best two days in a row. It was amazing how he courageously threw his ball without being intimidated in a crisis with one out and third base on base.”

Kim Taek-yeon’s season performance is 2 wins, 1 save, 3 holds, and an ERA of 1.90.

He humbled himself by saying, “I don’t even think about Rookie of the Year. My classmates, including Hwang Jun-seo (Hanwha Eagles) and Jeon Mir (Lotte Giants), are doing well,” but Kim Taek-yeon is considered one of the first candidates for Rookie of the Year.

In the Seoul Series in March, he pitched well against the Major League Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers (no hits, no runs, and 2 strikeouts in ⅔ innings), drawing rave reviews from manager Dave Roberts, but he actually performed poorly in his first-team debut (2 innings in 1 inning against the NC Dinos on March 23). He gave up 2 hits and 2 runs) and even created an ‘epic’ of rebounding after returning to the 2nd team.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop thinks of Kim Taek-yeon first when a crisis arises, and if Kim Taek-yeon takes the mound, Doosan fans are confident that “the crisis can be overcome.”

Kim Taek-yeon, a bold rookie, uses these expectations as a driving force for growth.

Kim Taek-yeon said, “Yesterday and today, I came out on the mound with the support of the fans. Because they are looking forward to it, I feel stronger,” and promised, “I will pitch better to repay the expectations.” 성인웹툰