Tottenham President Saladol also finished his decision, rejected all Saudi proposals

Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy is believed to have already made a decision on Son Heung-min’s future.

“Saudi Arabia is paying keen attention to Son Heung-min,” the British newspaper “Team Talk” said on March 24 . Son Heung-min, along with Casemiro, Kevin De Bruyne, and Mohamed Salah, is Saudi Arabia’s most sought-after player. Negotiations on Son’s contract renewal are already underway. Tottenham is extremely reluctant to lose the capable Son Heung-min. “After Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, that kind of mindset has become stronger.”

“Tottenham’s chairman Levy is ready to roll the dice. He will reject all offers from Saudi Arabia this coming summer. If he fails to renew his contract, he could lose Son a year later. Tottenham fans are paying attention to whether Son will renew his contract,” he said.

Levi is a famous figure in the soccer world. He was a director of the ENIC Group that owns Tottenham, and has been the chairman since 2001. That’s why he is famous for being known as a “cheerful person.” He is known to be very picky when negotiating. He was extremely passive in investing in the transfer market, which made Tottenham fans angry. Although he is trusted by the owner of Joe Lewis, he is also rarely trusted by Tottenham fans.

However, Levy appears to be more aggressive in renewing contract with Son. Few predicted Son would perform as much as he did up until 2015 when he was hired by Leverkusen. Son has 159 goals and 88 assists while playing 398 official matches for Tottenham. In the Premier League alone, he has 117 goals and 66 assists in 293 matches. He has displayed robust performance by scoring 14 goals and eight assists in this season’s Premier League alone.

Tottenham recently introduced a large number of young players and underwent a generational change. Key players include Brennan Johnson, Pape Matar Sarr, Destiny Udoji, Mickey van der Pen, and Guglielmo Vicario. Born in 1992, well over 30 years old, Son is still starting the game, and Tottenham wants to renew his contract. “Historically, Tottenham does not tend to offer large-scale and long-term contracts to players over the age of 30, but Tottenham is preparing a new contract for Son,” Spurs Web reported on March 25.

Saudi Arabia is trying to sabotage Tottenham’s plans. On February 22, the British Football Transfers announced, “Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ittihad is trying to recruit Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah. The goal is to recruit Son in the upcoming summer transfer market and recruit him along with Salah. He plans to replace Homariu and prepare for the transfer of Benzema, which has a high probability of leaving. He said, “I can show good chemistry with Abdelazak Hamdallah.”

“He is the core of Tottenham and expressed his desire to remain in the club last summer. However, if Tottenham fails to advance to the UEFA Champions League this season, it will give a second thought to the future. Son’s contract with Tottenham ends in 2025.” Al-Ithad is approaching again this time. As Benzema has expressed his intention to return to Europe, he is actively seeking to supply and demand new stars, but Son has emerged as a target.

Saudi Arabia has been making huge investments since Cristiano Ronaldo went to Al Nasr. It has been designated as a national business and is investing a lot of capital. Following the Premier League’s acquisition of Newcastle United, numerous stars have joined, starting with Ronaldo, to revitalize the country’s league. There are Neymar, Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Alexandro Mitrovic and Malcolm.

He wanted Son early on. On June 6, 2023, the U.K.’s Sky Sports reported that “Tottenham striker Son Heung-min is known to be the target of Saudi Arabia’s club in 2024, and work is already underway. Saudi Arabia is laying the groundwork to persuade Son to join its club next year.”

Al Thihad has been very active. Al Thihad strengthened his squad by recruiting Benzema, Kante, Fabinho, Ahmed Hegazi, Luis Felipe, and Jota. To add Son Heung-min, he planned to add. “Al Thihad is ready to recruit Tottenham’s Son Heung-min through its opening bid, which includes a transfer fee of 60 million euros (about W84 billion) and bonuses,” said global sports media ESPN. Saudi Arabia’s top clubs are interested in many Premier League stars this summer. “Son Heung-min has recently emerged as a standout name.”

Son Heung-min, who is good at marketing as well as his skills, was very attractive. However, Son said, “We have a lot of work to do in the Premier League. Didn’t (Ki) Sung-yong say before that the captain of Korea doesn’t go to China? Now money doesn’t matter, but it’s about the pride of soccer and playing in the league that I like. I want to play more for my team and in the Premier League. I will prepare well when I come back. I love playing soccer. Obviously, money matters. But there is still a lot to do, dreaming of playing in the Premier League. Saudi Arabia has a lot of players going now, and it’s really interesting. However, playing in the Premier League is my dream,” he said.

Despite this, Saudi Arabia is still drawing keen attention. Ben Jacobs, a reporter for CBS Sports in the U.S., said, “Saudi Arabian teams are trying to change Son’s mind. It will happen in 2023 and one year later in the summer of 2024. Son is a potential target of Saudi Arabia.”

Tottenham tries to block all interest by renewing contract. “Tottenham wants to renew contract with Son Heung-min. We will strengthen our contract negotiations and need to see if he is ready to leave his future to Tottenham. Tottenham has no reason to let go of Son, and he has no reason to leave it,” he said on March 6.

“Tottenham has started negotiations to renew its contract with Son Heung-min and is confident that it will be completed in the summer,” British Football Insider said on March 8. “Saudi Arabia wants it, but Son wants to prove it more in the Premier League,” referring to the increased possibility of renewing his contract.

As such, chances are high that Son will remain with Tottenham. Michael Bridge, a reporter for Sky Sports in the U.K., said on “Give Me Sports” on March 25 that “re-contract negotiations are ongoing. Son Heung-min is excellent on the field, but also has excellent marketing value and is popular all over the world. He replaced Kane as Tottenham captain, and he is doing well.” 토토

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