CEO Leberkusen’s Proclamation No Doubt Residue, We Are Trust Relationship

Leverkusen Germany CEO Fernando Caro was confident that coach Xavi Alonso would stay.

Leverkusen has been creating a typhoon in the German Bundesliga this season, going beyond a storm. It has 22 wins and four draws in 26 matches in the league, recording no loss yet. Bayern Munich and Dortmund, the strongest teams in the Bundesliga, have failed to beat Leverkusen. They are also one step closer to winning the title with no loss. Alonso is largely credited for this.

Naturally, Alonso’s popularity soared. He is aiming for Alonso here and there. Liverpool, where Jurgen Klopp has decided to step down after this season, is the most mentioned. Alonso once played for Liverpool when he was active. Coach Alonso is also known to have a strong attachment to Liverpool.

In addition, Munich is mentioned as a strong next destination for Alonso. Munich has also decided to step down after the end of the season, with Thomas Tuchel taking responsibility for this season’s sluggishness. German media predict that Alonso will take over the baton of Tuchel.

The pressing issue is Leverkusen. Both Leverkusen and Alonso are under contract until June 2026. Alonso is showing caution. Leverkusen CEO Fernando Caro, who is somewhat reticent, also firmly believes that he will stay. “I have a lot of trust and we have a good relationship, although we have no idea what will happen in football,” Caro said. “Alonso and Leverkusen are under contract until 2026. There is no doubt that he will remain with Leverkusen.” 슬롯사이트 추천


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