Grades are natural, and leadership

It’s one of the three key leaders in the team I think.

He not only had outstanding results but also had leadership across the entire team. Therefore, there is no reason not to love him.

LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop spoke about Casey Kelly 35 before an exhibition game against the NC Dinos in the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” at NC Dinos Park in Changwon on the 15th.

Kelly is a long-time foreign pitcher who made his KBO league debut by joining the LG Twins in the 2019 season. Until last year, his KBO career record was 144 games, 68 wins, 38 losses, 875 ⅔ innings with an ERA of 4.44 684 strikeouts. He pitched more than 100 innings every year, as well as won double digits to keep the starting lineup at the center.

Kelly’s true value is not just about performance. She is also playing her part as the leader of the team. She is also serving as the captain of foreign players along with Oh Ji-hwan captain and Lim Chan-kyu captain of pitcher group.

The coach said, “I think Kelly will do his part by making good pitches. It is important to be good at baseball, but Kelly’s position is really big. Last year, Austin Dean played the biggest role in adapting to the KBO league. Even now, Detrick Enns… We need at least one foreigner who is at the center like that. There is a great player who can explain the league, understand it, and live together to maintain the center. In that respect, Kelly has led by example and done a great job.”

“I told Kelly, ‘You’re a foreign captain. You’re a leader. You’re one of the three key leaders I think you are.’ When eating abroad, Kelly also says she’s a captain. Thank you as a coach.”

As a foreign player, Kelly is helping new foreign players adapt, but she also has a positive influence on Korean players. She has already been in the KBO league for six years.

“Kelly has lived as much as Korean players. He has helped build team chemistry with the other two players Austin and Ence. Foreign players from other teams also helped. When he comes for advice, they talk to him and have a meal together. As Kelly is very friendly and satisfied with the league, he tells many good things about Korean baseball to other foreign players. He plays many roles in the league as a whole,” Yeom said.

Meanwhile, Kelly is still displaying strong performance during the exhibition game. He started the exhibition game against the NC Dinos on Wednesday, and posted the final result of four innings, two hits, no walks, two strikeouts and no runs. He has been cruising through six innings of two hits, five strikeouts, and no runs in two games, including relief appearance in an exhibition game against the KT Wiz on Sunday. He has been overwhelming rival teams since last year by mobilizing his new weapons, folk balls and sweepers. 토토사이트

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