Mainz without Lee Jae-sung and Union Berlin draw 1-1

While national midfielder Lee Jae-sung was absent from his team Mainz Germany schedule due to participation in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC Asian Cup, Mainz failed to play against Union Berlin.

Mainz drew 1-1 with Union Berlin in the 18th round home game of the 2023-2024 German professional football Bundesliga at Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 8th.

The match, which was scheduled to be held last month, was reorganized into this day after being postponed due to bad weather.

Lee Jae-sung, who played in the Qatar Asian Cup as a member of the Korean national team led by German coach Jurgen Klinsmann, was absent on the day.

Lee Jae-sung immediately boarded a flight to Germany after losing the Asian Cup semifinal against Jordan the previous day.

Mainz and Union Berlin exchanged one goal each in the extra time of the first half.

Mainz’s Yonatan Burkart, who jumped from the gate in a corner kick situation, slightly changed his direction with his head and scored first.

Five minutes later, Union Berlin’s Robin Gozens poked a left-footed shot into the corner of the net in the left-hand area. 토토사이트

The two teams, who failed to score additional points in the second half, ended up in a draw.

Mainz 12 points ranked 17th out of 18 teams, not out of the relegation zone.

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