New Champion Konstantin of the First World Poker Tour Championship in Cambodia

The World Poker Tour (WPT), one of the world’s most famous poker tournaments, took place in Cambodia for the first time in history. Constantine Hold won the tournament and won the first title in the WPT tournament. He also received a big cash prize: The prize for the first WPT in 2024 was $361.310, including seats for the 2024 WPT World Championship, which will be held in the next tournament, Wyn Las Vegas. Seats for the new tournament will cost $10,400.
First event in Cambodia:

Hold did not hide his excitement about winning the championship. He mentioned how he felt after the great victory: “Over the moon. Honestly, over the moon. It was a crazy trip to meet my good friend. We enjoyed our time. We were all having a lot of fun. And the experience here was great. I love the place. I think Naga World is amazing. It was amazing to be in Cambodia.”

The event was held at the Naga World Integrated Resort in Cambodia. When the championship started, 760 players were there. On Day 1A, 373 of them participated, and on Day 1B, 387 participants competed. The buy-in was $3.500, and the prize money for the field was $4.630.400. Finally, the top 95 players received generous awards.

WPT CEO Adam Pliska said, “WPT Cambodia was a special festival. Not only did it open its 2024 season, but it also celebrated the first time the WPT Champions Cup was held in Southeast Asia. Constantine will be the first player in the region to win a WPT Champions Club title.”

Great products:

Joshua McCully, who finished just below the hold, took second place. He won $277.291. Florent Remi won $302.019 to finish third. The victory was the result of a deal made by the final three players who wanted to pay the remaining prize money evenly during the championship.

Motoyoshi Okamura, who came in fourth with $157.858 in prize money, Amit Kaushik, who came in fifth with $118.906, and Kyle Bao Die, who came in sixth with $90.532 were also named in the final ranking.

In this competition, we saw many famous faces from the industry, including Tony Dunst, a former WPT champion and WPT commentator, Valeri Pak, who won the 2018 Korea WPT and finished 57th, and Masato Yokosava and Punnat Punsri, who won previously.

Fans are looking forward to the second event of WPT Prime X-Sang Provence Festival season XXII at Pasino Grand. 카지노사이트

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