WKBL will hold ‘W-ALL STAR’ in Incheon on the 29th

On the 29th, WKBL will hold the WKBL Youth Basketball Club All-Star Game ‘W-ALL STAR’ at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium.

This game was planned for the team that won the 19th WKBL Youth Basketball Club strongest competition “W-Champs” held in December last year, and a total of 23 players, including 12 from Cheongdam W, the winner of U-13, and 11 from Gwangju Banglim W, the winner of U-11, will participate.

Participating players will play the All-Star Game under the same concept as the Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Festival. The games are divided into Pink Star and Blue Star, and the All-Star uniforms are worn with the same design as those worn by professional players.

In addition, a two-point and three-point contest will be held during the game, and after the game, a group tour of the regular league game between Incheon Shinhan Bank and Busan BNK Sum will be held on the same day. 토토사이트

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