Exploring the Mysterious Forest in the Video Slot of the Latest Wizard Game Golden Elk

Wizard Games, a powerful subsidiary of the famous NeoGames S.A., invites players to go on a magical adventure in a magical forest that hides magical animals and mysterious treasures. Golden Elk, the latest slot release, promises thrilling adventures that can lead to fantastic products.

Fantastic features for a thrilling slot experience:

The site spans a 5×3 reel and has 50 paylines. The story begins in a mysterious forest that treasures harmony, wisdom, and wealth. This is where Golden Elk lives, and players can find various hidden treasures.

Respin and Free Spin allow you to find your treasure. Free Spin mode is activated when at least 3 scattering occurs in the reel.

When two additional scattering occurs, the player gets five free spins. That way, you get up to 30 free spins.

If at least six Golden Elk symbols land on a reel, the response bonus round is released. When the round is activated, players can see a 3-reel bonus wheel waiting to rotate. The landing icon highlights the pointer and shows numbers from 1 to 9. The spin count is then reset. When there is no remaining spin, players get prizes from the collected illumination pointers. When everything is highlighted, players get a big Grand Jackpot.

The thrillingly popular title developed by Wizard Games:

Wizards Underscored is known for its popular titles that have captured the attention of players around the world. The company’s impressive portfolio of slots includes more than 150 thrilling games and hit releases such as the Grand Pepper Party and Treasure of the Count. 슬롯

Benedict McDonagh, managing director of Wizard Games, said, “Golden Elk sees our dazzling graphics explore an enchanted forest that shines brilliantly on a recently released product. Full of action, the game includes both free-spin and breathing modes, as we continue to refine our portfolio to appeal to a broad player base. 2024 will be a breakthrough year for us, and we’re excited to start with this exciting new launch.”

The game can have four different RTPs: 96.25, 94.01, and 88%. This video slot has medium to high variability and has a variety of great options that can lead to huge victories. It is certified in many major markets, including Malta, Romania, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Colombia, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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