‘Slow Pitching’ Eventually Set to Sell in January Next Year

British media Team Talk said, “Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy has decided to sell Dyer in the winter transfer market in January next year.” Three potential replacements have been identified,’ the report said.

Tottenham started anew this season under coach Enze Postecoglou. Dyer did not have a good chance under Postecoglou. He was defeated by the combination of Mickey Van Der Pen and Christian Romero. Dyer failed to play in the opening 10 games of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-2024 season. It was evaluated that it was not suitable for tactics because it was relatively slow compared to other players. However, Van Der Pen played in two games due to injury.

Team Talk said, “Coach Postecoglou had to use Dyer due to Van Der Pen’s injury. Dyer is determined to leave Tottenham for a new challenge,’ he said. Citing another media mirror report, the media outlet said, “Chairman Levy does not want to lose Dyer for free. I will try to sell it in January next year, not after the season. Bayern Munich, Juventus, and AS Roma are showing interest in Dyer.

The key is the replacement. Team Talk said, ‘Tottenham may not sell Dyer before recruiting a replacement. Lloyd Kelly (Bournemouth) is emerging as a replacement. The transfer fee is around £25 million. In addition, Victor Nelson (Galatasaray) and others are on Postecoglou’s list,’ he added. 스포츠토토사이트

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