The Korea Sports Promotion Foundation held the‘National Fitness 100 Festival’at Olympic Park on the 15th

The National Sports Promotion Foundation Chairman Cho Hyun-jae will hold the National Physical Fitness 100 Festival “Fall 愛 Fall, Add Health 愛” to encourage people to participate in sports activities.

This event was organized with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to commemorate the 61st anniversary of Sports Day (October 15th of each year).

The 2023 National Physical Fitness 100 Physical Fitness King Contest will be held with the start of the festival held in the area of Peace Square in Olympic Park on the 15th.

Twenty-four excellent physical fitness players from four regions, selected through regional selection (450 people) from 75 physical fitness certification centers nationwide, will compete for the position of “The Physical Fitness King of the Year.”

A total of six physical kings, one male and one female (youth, middle-aged, and elderly) will be selected by measuring six categories, including muscle strength, heart-lung endurance, and agility, and will be awarded the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award (2), the Chairman Award (4), and an award worth 1 million won each.

The 2023 Color Run, a running festival experienced by more than 6 million people from 35 countries around the world, will be held. The event, which allows you to walk or run 3.5km through six color spots in Olympic Park, will feature about 7,500 people, enjoying the park’s attractions and beautifully coloring the clear autumn sky in various colors.

In addition, promotional booths for each business, such as National Fitness 100 Health Up and ESG Council, will be operated, and it will be a venue for sports and cultural experiences where famous singers such as Giol Pak and BewhY can also enjoy performances.

“We hope this event will be an opportunity to promote Sports Day a little more,” an official from the corporation said. “We hope that more people will feel the true taste of sports in the season that is too good to exercise.” 스포츠토토

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