Byun Woo-jin’s two wins propel Elite to the FeCC quarterfinals

Veteran Byun Woo-jin led Team Elite to victory.
Elite defeated Vietnam ProGamers 3-2 in the losers’ bracket final of the FIFA Continental Cup 2023 in Shanghai, China, on Saturday. It was a dramatic match. After dropping the first set and then taking the second, Elite were pushed to the brink when Min Tae-hwan suffered a heartbreaking loss in the third set, but Park Ji-min and Byun Woo-jin won back-to-back games in the fourth and fifth sets to advance to the quarterfinals.

Elite got off to a shaky start with Park Ji-min losing the first set, but Byun Woo-jin steadied the ship in the second set against ‘Djokovic’. After ending the first half 0-0 with a calm defense, Byun continued to play according to his playstyle in the second half. Eventually, he scored the first point with a calm passing play in the box to take the lead. He continued to push his opponent with aggressive moves, and he was able to keep the score at 1-0 to tie the set.

The third set saw the arrival of Min Tae-hwan. He made aggressive moves from the start. Eventually, he scored the first goal with an exquisite pass in the box. Although the team immediately gave up the equalizer, they continued their offense. However, they were unable to score and the game went into overtime.

Min Tae-hwan continued to pound the opponent’s goal in overtime and eventually scored a goal just before the end of regulation. With the game almost in hand, Min made a big 카지노사이트 mistake right before the end of the game. In the end, the game went to penalty kicks, and Min Tae-hwan missed the fifth and final kick to lose the game.

In the fourth set, Park Ji-min came out. He had a relaxed game against ‘Disaster’ and increased the score to 3-0 in the second half, and closed out the match. In the final set, Byun Woo-jin came out. She conceded first, but dramatically equalized in the second half and pushed the match to overtime. Woojin Byun was unable to score in overtime and the match went into a penalty shootout, but she was able to secure the win and advance to the quarterfinals.


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