Lee Sang-hyuk wins first national championship

Lee Sang-hyuk, a national runner, is aiming for his first title

Five years ago at the Jakarta Asian Games, the Korean National Team lost to China in the final.

Even though it was an exhibition event, it was still a bitter pill to swallow for Faker Sang-hyuk.

He’s now looking forward to the Hangzhou Games, his first official competition.

[Faker (Lee Sang-hyuk)/National Esports Team: “I didn’t expect to be able to play again, but I’m happy to be able to play again like this, and I don’t think my age (27) is that important (now).”]

Still at the top of her game 11 years after her debut, Faker’s goal is obviously gold.

She’s expecting some lopsided support in China, but she doesn’t mind.

[“We can just put our headsets on and focus on the game, so I think that’s a little bit in our favor.”]

For Chobi, the Asian Games are especially exciting because he’s playing alongside Chobi and Jeong Ji-hoon, two of the top players in the same midfield position.

[“I think it’s more important for us to work together as six guys, as a team, to give the team a better chance of winning, rather than the idea of competing for the starting spot.”]

His wrist injury is fully healed, and like Messi at the World Cup in Qatar, “Roll Messi” Faker is dreaming of the ultimate moment.

At the Asian Games, esports will compete in seven events, with Korea competing in four.

The team, led by captain Faker, 카지노사이트넷 entered training camp and began an energetic journey toward gold.

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