KT’s magic from last to second overtakes top spot

Starting ‘from last to second’ with KT’s wizardry gets the top spot

KT’s start to the season felt like a WBC nightmare come true.

A series of injuries to key players and poor team hitting led to the team finishing May in last place.

[Broadcast comment: “He’s expressing his frustration with himself, how the team’s losing streak and his own poor performance are (frustrating).”]

But KT’s magic since June has been frightening.

They went from strength to strength, finally leaping into sole possession of second place on the 19th.

In August, when they especially surged up the standings, they went 18-4 and lost only once a week for an 8.5 percent winning percentage.

KT has been on a steep climb since the arrival of replacement starter Cuevas in early June.

The return of Cuevas, who was the ace of the 2021 championship, stabilized the starting staff.

In the month of August, the starting pitching staff combined for 14 wins in 22 games, the most among the 10 clubs.

[Cuevas/KT: “The goal is the Korean Series, I don’t have a personal goal, because getting to the Korean Series means everyone did their part.”]

A stronger bullpen also played a role.

In particular, Park Young-hyun in the eighth inning and Kim Jae-yoon in the ninth completed the pitching formula.

[Park Young-hyun/KT: “I’m proud because I had a lot of good results in August, and I’m going out with the team winning, so now I’m a little greedy (for the hold).”]

The gap to faltering leader LG is now just four and a half games.

The chasing KT 카지노사이트킴 have an interesting three-game series next week against the defending champion LG.


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