Cheering for Jung Chan-sung, who announced his retirement “Let’s not forget he fought very well”

“I’ll stop”

“Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-sung (8th in the UFC featherweight) left Octagon with this remark, announcing his retirement.

Since then, foreign media and fans have cheered for him ahead of his second life.

Jung Chan-sung suffered a KO defeat in the third round of the UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Jung Chan-sung’s main event featherweight match at Indore Stadium in Singapore on the 26th.

Jung Chan-sung played for the first time in about a year and four months since the featherweight title match against UFC 273 Alexander Volkanovski in April last year.

On the 22nd, Jung Chan-sung said in an online press conference ahead of the match against Max Holloway, “I will fight it until the end.” I will play Holloway thinking that everything I prepared is right. “I will climb (Oktagon) with the mind that I will not give up even if it is difficult,” he said.

Since then, the main event has been held with Holloway, and Jung Chan-sung, who played the first round of exploration, raised the atmosphere with a left punch.

But Holloway’s counterattack was fierce. Holloway also hit Jung Chan-sung with a counter punch.

In the second round, Jung Chan-sung was in crisis after being knocked down by Holloway’s punch in the early stages, and he stood up again by enduring Holloway’s choke attack.

After that, despite his faltering appearance, Jung Chan-sung aggressively stepped up in the third round, but fell on Holloway’s counter punch and suffered a KO loss.

At that time, Jung Chan-sung showed his desperation for victory by throwing a right punch even though he was punched by Holloway.

Holloway expressed his joy of victory, then returned to Octagon, checked Jung Chan-sung’s condition, and hugged him.

Later, in an Octagon interview, he held Jung Chan-sung’s hand and lifted it, saying, “He is a legend. Everyone, raise your voice,” he said, expressing respect.

Jung Chan-sung then announced his retirement. Jung Chan-sung said, “I’ll stop,” adding, “I’m a person whose goal is to become a champion. “I prepared it with the thought that I could truly beat Holloway,” he said, expressing regret.

“My goal is to be a champion. I’m not fighting to do 3,4,5, etc. “I’m here for the championship, but I couldn’t beat the top-ranked player, so I think it’s time to cool down and stop,” he said.

Fans in the stadium cheered for Jung Chan-sung, who left Octagon shouting “Zombie,” and he also waved his hand to thank the fans.

Local media also cheered for Jung Chan-sung, who will face a new life. ESPN, a global sports media outlet, said, “He’s disappointed that he’s not a champion, but he’s already reached his peak twice. Don’t forget that zombies were fun, and he fought very well, too. He introduced, “He has fought two UFC title fights and faced the best two players ever.”

“Spinning Back Piece” then said on its official SNS, “The Korean zombie’s announcement of retirement wiped away tears from many men around the world. I will never forget him,” he said, congratulating his retirement.

Sahin Al-Sati, a reporter for “MMA,” recounted Jung Chan-sung’s career, saying, “What is the best memory of Korean zombies?”

“It’s a match against Dusty Poirier, the main event in 2012. I think it’s an underrated game even though I beat Poirier at the time. Jung Chan-sung showed breathtaking action and incredible swing. It was the most interesting fighter fight of all time. Hurry up and go watch the game again. “It’s a game to be happy about,” he said. 토토사이트

In this match against Holloway, fans also gave him strong support, which will be his last. The stadium continued with the slogan “Zombie” and even the cheering of “Korea” spread. Jung Chan-sung also showed his best until the end for the fans who supported him.

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