Let’s go to Euro 2024 together

Eric Dier has completely lost ground at Tottenham, branded a ‘symbol of horror shows’.

The speed was slow, so it didn’t go well with the soccer of coach Enze Postecoglou. Rumors of Dyer’s transfer to Bayern Munich emerged out of the blue at the beginning of this season.

Then there was Harry Kane, who moved to Bayern. Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel considered recruiting a center back in the winter transfer market in January as his top priority.

Trevor Chalobah, who he joined during his Chelsea years, was the first option. However, Chalobah’s name was erased as a result of internally opposing views. Then came Dyer’s name. There was also a strong possibility that Kane’s breath played a role.

It has become a reality. Dyer moved to Bayern through the winter transfer market in January and successfully made a soft landing. On the other hand, Kim Min-jae was pushed to the bench in the second leg of the round of 16 at the European Champions League against Lazio (Italy) on Sunday .

This is the first time that Kim Min-jae has been excluded from the starting lineup under normal circumstances with no injuries. Dyer played full time in the center-back position with Matthijs De Licht and received the best evaluation.

Kane went one step further. He also supported Dyer’s return to the England national team. Dyer was eliminated from the England national team after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The reason was his poor performance at Tottenham.

Kane is different now. The Sun of the U.K. reported on Monday that Kane supported Dyer to play in Euro 2024.

Kane said through The Sun, “Dier has shown his qualities in possession of the ball and has been great as a leader as well. He needs to continue to be who he is. Coach Gareth Southgate may find it grotesque to see an Englishman play at the highest level. I hope Dier can continue to hang in there.”

“Die has played a big role in the national team in recent years. He was not included in the final entry of the Euro tournament, but he participated in the World Cup,” he said. “All he can do is play as he pleases. I am really proud of him.” 토토사이트 순위

Dier, whose contract ends this season with Tottenham, has joined Bayern on loan. And meeting the options needed for a full transfer, he will stay at Bayern until June 2025.

Kane added, “It was never an easy situation for Dyer to join Bayern from his position at Tottenham. He is really amazing at Bayern. He also played his best against Lazio.”

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